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This summer was one of the busiest in real estate history - thanks to record low interest rates, changing housing needs and a deferred Spring market. When the pandemic hit and the financial markets crashed, a quick pivot in strategy and day-to-day operations helped the real estate industry weather the dramatic downturn and then, from June on, embrace an accelerated pace.
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As a Buyer the market is tough, as a first time buyer its even tougher! After viewing over 30 houses and most going into escrow over night and writing 4 offers and losing out to no fault of ours! We eventually found this little gem in Clairemont. Because it was hard battle the the reward is even sweeter!
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Kyle and Katie, well done.
The 3 D’s
when you are getting your house ready to sell.
When preparing your home to show to potential buyers, you must encourage them to visualize living in the home, but not your home.
Depersonalize: Removing all your personal items such as photos, trophies and collectibles is the process of depersonalizing your home. Knickknacks and wall décor are also personal taste items that may distract buyers from seeing the home as theirs. Carefully pack and store your treasured items out of sight. Storage units that can be rented are a good option.
Decluttering: Think of decluttering your home as interior curb appeal. Any extra furniture or unnecessary items like books, magazines and hobby supplies all add weight and a visual distraction in a room. The more spacious the room appears the more appealing it will be. Minimize as much as you can without compromising your lifestyle too much.
Deep Cleaning: Doing a thorough deep cleaning of your home is vital. It makes sense to clean after you have removed the clutter. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Home buyers will also open cabinet pantries and closets to access storage opportunities. My pet peeve is sticky, grimy light switches and dirt patio door tracks.

After several offers and going backwards and forwards it went under contract within 3 days.
Vendor Referral of the Month

Emily Tarpley

We used Emily ourselves and she helped us navigate through all the questions we didn't even know we had. The install was on time, clean and efficient . I would highly recommend her for any of your Air Conditioning and Furnace needs.
Decorating Tip of the Month!
Lighting is Everything!

I prefer the Natural White, but chose your light bulb coloring and be consistent throughout the house!