The Nields Newsletter 
Dear reader,
We are overwhelmed with gratitude at the way you have been receiving our new album, XVII! Thank you so much for the kind words, the tears, the smiles, the full-bodied dance-y responses to our labor of love. We knew we'd made a very special album, but it's kind of like the koan--if an album falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? (Thanks for hearing it!)

If you want to hear it in person... come hear us! We are returning to the gorgeous town of Ithaca this Saturday, March 7 at 8pm at Cornell University's Folk Song Society THIS SATURDAY! Come on out, Western New Yorkers!.  Our cousin John Colonna, pianist extraordinaire, will be joining us. Then on Friday, March 20th, John Colonna AND Amelia Nields Chalfant will be our fabulous backing band at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City! We will be playing 2 shows with slightly different set lists and there is a special price for both sets. 7pm and 8:30. We'll finish out the month with a show at Kripalu on Saturday, March 28th. Treat yourself to an overnight at this amazing spot nestled in the Berkshires. Maybe March will be lamblike and we can walk down to the pond in the morning after breakfast. We are really having a wonderful time playing the new songs off of XVII. Come listen and hang out with us!

The Iron Horse was a sold-out 7-piece band extravaganza, an evening we will remember for the rest of our lives. Playing that show reminded us powerfully that we LOVE to play with a band! So expect more band shows in our near future. Like, for example in Hartford May 30...

Not only that, but our dear friend Tricia Loomis with her spanky new video camera* took high quality videos of every single song we did at the Horse. You can see them here.

Keep on spreading the word, dear readers! If you have iTunes, we especially implore you to review XVII songs or the album positively (right now there are no reviews. Be the first!) We just "went to radio," which means there are over 300 radio stations all across this fair land of ours. Call your local AAA or non comm to request a song; complete list here. If you know of a radio station that you think should be playing us, let us know.

Notice at the end of the month, we'll be doing two shows in one day: The Meltdown in Northampton the morning of March 28 for the family crowd, and then to Kripalu to do a set with BOTH of our daughters! Amelia on bass, guitar and vocals, and Lila Nields-Duffy, reprising her violin performance on "River," which she also did at the Iron Horse.

As always, we love to be liked on Facebook (The Nields) and followed on Twitter (@NerKat).

It's a good life. We both should know. Thank you for being a part of it.

Love, love, love,
Nerissa and Katryna Nields

* really it's an iPhone 6 but it's GREAT!

Fan Challenge: 17  Weeks of XVII

Our story contest is outstripping our wildest dreams. We are blown away, each week, by the submissions. It is very difficult to choose winners. Thank you, thank you for writing these stories and sharing them with us! Week Three's answer was so amazing, we had to publish it here in this newsletter. Keep reading to see it.

And from Week Four, when the question was: "What Nields song currently resonates the most for you?"

This week's question is: What is the craziest thing 17-year-old you did? Submit here with your story! Winners get a free download of XVII and a postcard by Katryna.

Please keep your stories coming! You are amazing!

Week 3 Question: Which Nields song could have been your life?

I am not stupid.
I went to Harvard.
However, on July 3rd 2007 at around 10:30am I began experiencing a persistent back pain.
I was a mother by noon.
I delivered the baby all by myself in my posh Atlanta apartment before I called 911. The last clear thought that I remember having was "thank God it's a girl". We were taken to Fulton County Hospital in separate ambulances.
I kept thinking about how I just drank through an entire pregnancy and had no business caring for a child, especially one who would probably have special needs.
I kept thinking I cannot possibly keep her.
After I was settled into a hospital room, I had to start figuring out what to tell people.
I decided to tell my sister Alice first. She was at work and I couldn't reach her right away. When she finally called me back, she offered to tell my parents. I was so grateful. She was also very straightforward about giving the baby up. She said "don't do it, just come home."
They brought me the baby who they estimated to be 8 weeks early. The baby was flawless except for her tiny size and underdeveloped ears. No signs of FAS.
I spent the 4th of July in a Hospital bed, listening to fireworks and halfheartedly attempting to breastfeed. Some of my friends passed through for a few minutes, but instead of the usual happiness that comes with a birth, they were just weird and distant.
On the 3rd day my mom arrived from western New York to pick us up.
I left my car, my belongings, my apartment, my job at the IRS and my pet guinea pigs and went back to New York.
I named her Gloria Georgia after "Merry Christmas Mr. Jones" and to a lesser extent "The Day I Let Glory Steer"
Epilogue: I have an IT job in western New York. Gloria is in second grade, she gets exceptional grades especially in math and reading, she is a Girl Scout and a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Nerissa & Katryna_Kris1
We Endorse
We here in the northeast have had a doozy of a February.  In our house, we need to leave the water dripping all the time or our pipes freeze.  There is ice and snow everywhere and the kids have gone to school exactly twice on aMonday since Christmas.  As a result, I have two endorsements:

1. Abeles Roofing.  They put the new roof on our house this past summer and for the first time in years, we have not had any water dripping into the middle of living room thanks to ice dams.  This, in spite of having ridiculous amounts of ice weighing down on our eaves.  They were wonderful to work with, reasonably priced AND the roof is keeping us warm and dry during this intense winter.

2.  Laughing.  I give you this video to bring on laughter.  Ain't nothing as good as laughter. 

Three dogs, told to wait for their treats.
Three dogs, told to wait for their treats.


1. Anne Lamott on Forward. At the end of this hilarious and wonderful interview, Anne tells the story of her best friend Pammy, who was dying of cancer a year after Anne had her child, Sam. This is the story that inspired me to write "You Don't Have That Kind of Time." 

Anne Lamott and Kelly Corrigan on Forgiveness, Compassion, and Embracing Our Messy Selves
Anne Lamott and Kelly Corrigan on Forgiveness, Compassion, and Embracing Our Messy Selves



2.  Monte's Annual Cancer Connection Campout: Our wonderful local hero, Monte Belmonte, DJ extraordinaire at WRSI The River, camps out every March to raise money and awareness for the Cancer Connection. This year, some local elementary kids from Berkshire Trail Elementary School built him an igloo to sleep in. Katryna and i are hoping to make it down to sing our song Dave Hayes the Weather Guy on Wednesday or Thursday. He'll be cold. But he's got company. And he knows that this is where he is supposed to be.



3. Parenthood. Katryna likes to point out that I don't watch TV. In fact, it makes me incredibly sad that I don't watch TV. I LOVE good TV. I just haven't had time to watch any in years, and I am cheap, so I don't have cable. But I DO have Netflix, and today I watched the first half of the first episode of the (apparently now) defunct NBC show. I am smitten! All I want to do is get on my treadmill and multitask and watch this show!!!! (Just kidding. I ate lunch while watching. Sitting down at a table. With my laptop on the far side of my plate.)

(But here is a picture of my treadmill desk WHICH I LOVE!!!)


In piano-practice mode. Below, in multitasker mode. Be assured, I walk extremely slowly. Note mug of hot tea.



Videos from the Iron Horse


"Normandies" The Nields Live at Iron Horse Music Hall



This song is one of our favorites from the new album XVII. It's very rare to get to do it with all the elements--keys, drums, Dave's searing slide guitar solo. Almost all the other songs are now up on our YouTube Channel.

Album is now out! YAHOO!!!! If you want to buy the CD, please consider buying it directly from us right here. If you just want the download, go to CD Baby, iTunes or Amazon.

Songbooks and eSongbooks are available here (for paperback) and here (for ebook)!

XVII Release Party NYC 3.20.15
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Fan Challenge:17 weeks of XVII
Polaroid from the Past
Tour Schedule


March 7

Cornell University Ithaca,  NY 

March 20

Album release with John Colonna and Amelia Chalfant

two shows: 
7pm and 8:30pm

March 28

Northampton, MA

March 28
Lenox, MA 
closed show

April 4

Benefit for Sunnyside
Florence MA 

April 11

7:30 pm Album Release Concert!

47 Palmer St.
 Cambridge, MA 

April 25

Full band show! Album Release Concert!

May 1

All Souls UU Church

May 10
Benefit for MotherWoman

May 16 
Muses in the Vineyard

May 30 
Hartfolk Festival
full band!

June 7 
Benefit for Crittenton Women's Union
Cambridge MA

June 21 
Benefit for Falcon Ridge 
Old Lyme, CT

July 3-5
New Bedford Folk Festival

July 11 
Benefit for A Better Future Project 
West Cummington Church
West Cummington MA

July 31-Aug. 2
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

Click here for complete tour schedule.
Photo by Sarah Prall

New Web site is here!


""The Nields make clever folk pop full of sweet harmonizing." -The New Yorker

photo by Sarah Prall

The Nields offer small moments of joy and sorrow that linger in one's memory as a kind of quiet paean to the mystery of who we are and what it is we are about.
photo by Jake Jacobson

"As the work of the Everly Brothers or the McGarrigle Sisters has amply demonstrated, there are few sounds as sublime as close harmonies rendered by siblings. In the case of western Massachusetts folk rockers the Nields, the siblings are sisters Nerissa and Katryna Nields, and their inimitable vocal blend is a disarming mix of clean folk harmonies and clenched Generation-X angst." -The Chicago Tribune

They're cheery, these two, but not Pollyanna. They know that life is hard, and making art while tending to our other obligations, especially as women, is a painful struggle. The Artery
Nerissa & Katryna_Kris1
photo by Kris McCue
There's a profound state of aesthetic arrest that some singers can put an audience into, and singers like that are worth their weight in gold. Not many bands manage to have two of them. Pop Matters
"A review of a Nields concert described their music as "equal parts Beatles, Cranberries and Joni Mitchell." iTunes

"Guitarist Nerissa has written the clear-eyed, literary lyrics and sister Katryna has provided a gloriously eccentric vocal delivery ......Lots of backward glances and relationship foibles punctuate this quiet collection, which is ideal for harmony addicts and dreamers alike"           -- Billboard Magazine 


"If there's one constant here, it's The Nields sisters' beautifully sweet vocal harmonies that sound eerily like the Roches singing Lush in a really big room. It's infectious stuff."-Austin Chronicle

"...a gentle explosion of high-strung harmonies and spare arrangements of songs that snap like cinnamon sticks. They ride their dynamics from literally whispered passages over tick-tocking sidestick or no drums at all, up to electric squalls that push Katryna and sister Nerissa Nields' vocals without overwhelming them."-Musician Magazine

Tomorrow, Saturday  Oct. 6, we will be live-streaming our upcoming concert


"The Nields rank among the upper echelon of today's original acts, with emphasis on the word 'original'...Five individuals whose pooled talent has resulted in one of the best new sounds to emerge in America in recent memory." -Island Ear, New York




"The marvelously expressive Katryna and Nerissa Nields provide vocals sounding at various times very much like the Bangles, the Roches and ...Alanis Morrissette...a delightful discovery."-Chicago Tribune