Newsletter 4

December 18 2020
Christmas 2020
15 dia di gratitud
Today we have packed the boxes for the FPNC. These 40 boxes will be dropped off by the end of this morning for those families in need who can really use some help. The hygiene products for teenage mothers also reached their destination.

We would like to thank you and our pupils for the generous donations for all of the above!
Christmas activities on Friday 18 December
On Friday 18 December we celebrated the last day of school, before the Christmas vacation, together. We first enjoyed a Christmas breakfast with our mentor class. Pupils cooked and baked together, did their groceries together, or brought something from home. This is how we started our Christmas morning.

After we finished our breakfast we played a game in class. The dice or the lot would decide who received what.

Then all classes took turns in joining a game of bingo, which was organised by the student council, outside under the gazebo. Here we also served the Dutch 'oliebollen' that cannot be missed at a proper December festivity.

There were quizzes, videos, board games, and other fun activities with which we celebrated the start of our well-deserved break.

However, all good things come to an end, and therefore we also had too tidy up everything. We have now finally started our vacation and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2021.
Interact Club of Aruba
This year, the Interact Club of Aruba organised their Christmas project, The Magic of Kindness, once again. Their goal was to make sure that people in need would also have a merry Christmas. For this they collected money for two organisations: Hand4Addicts and Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad. 

Both products collected by the Interact Club and the proceeds of the fundraiser were donated to both aforementioned organisations. They were received with joy and will be used for a lot of good causes.

We would like to thank you, parents of group 6,7,8 pupils of our primary school, and all pupils, for your generous donations!

Interact Club of Aruba
Farewell colleagues
Before the Christmas vacation we had to say goodbye to two of our very loved colleagues; Mrs. van Der Vaart retired after 12 years of employment per 1 December, and unfortunately Mrs. Westenberg has decided to remigrate to the Netherlands per 1 January 2021.

Mrs. van Der Vaart's lessons have been taken up by Mr. Celaire, who also coordinates the homework support per 1 December.
Mrs. van der Vaart was also the school dean which has now been taken up by Ms. Quant and Mr. Henstra.

Unfortunately, at this moment we are not able to introduce our new care coordinator to you. The application procedure will be extended, while in the meantime several colleagues will take up on certain tasks.

We would like to thanks Mrs. van der Vaart and Mrs. Westenberg for their great teamwork and are very grateful for their dedication and contribution to our school!
Schoolsport online IBISA
Each year IBISA organises sport tournaments for the schools on Aruba. Because of Covid IBISA has come up with three challenges, so that schools can still interact with the aid of video recording this year... and successfully!

Our athletic Schakel College pupils managed to achieve some great results! With a first and second place in both the sit-up challenge and the squat challenge we are looking forward to the results for the hopping challenge. 
TTO assignment in year 1 - make a cooking vlog
Klas 1A:
"We (Abigail and Lisanne) made a chocolate brownie cake for our English assignment, where we had to make a video of us cooking or baking something while using words from the English vocabulary. We learned how to make good sentences with specific words. We had a lot of fun while making and editing the video, although the cake kinda failed we did our best and that’s all that matters. It was a fun and educational experience. Kind regards Abigail and Lisanne :)"
Klas 1B:
"I made it myself (alone). The end product was cheesy scrambled eggs with a side dish of 2 slices of bread. I had fun doing it because I wanted the experience with recording (vlogging) and I wanted the experience of a vlogger or youtuber and it's very hard recording yourself. I learned not to underestimate youtubers or vloggers. I learned how to edit. I need to try to talk louder because my words are kinda hard to understand. This isn't my first time making it but it was my first time recording myself and it was weird and a little frustrating. Kind regards, Javon Romney"
Klas 1C:
"We had a lot of fun. The chocolate chip cookies were really delicious. We gave the cookies to the whole class. They liked it as well. It was our first time making it and it was a really fun experience. Kind regards, Piyush, Kyan and Sem"
Bon Pasco y Feliz ana nobo!
We end a special calendar year and would like to thank you all for the trust that you have been giving us during this year of the Corona crisis!

We hope you will enjoy these festive days, we would like to wish you a good start of the year 2021, and hope you will stay safe!

Team Schakel College
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