In the week of March 21st, we had our second (and last) project week of this academic year. The topic of this project week was English in South-East Asia. Students from year one and two focused on the following countries: Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. The students researched various topics such as education, politics, cuisine, tourism, sports, geography, culture, etc. 

The week began with an introduction to the countries. This content was prepared by the teachers of the various subjects. On day two the students explored the culinary worlds of these countries. On day three, students had to work on their final project and on day four the project week concluded in the gymnasium in a so-called fair setting. Each group had to decorate their booth and present their findings to the rest of their peers, teachers as well as students from the upper classes. The students were instructed to incorporate the 5 senses into their booth presentations. Needless to say, the fair was a huge success! Below you can see a few photos that were taken throughout the week. Once again, we would like to thank all students for their enthusiasm and time that they put into their final products. The students broadened their horizons in regards to new cultures that are located on the other side of the world.