A positive path for spiritual living
Rev. Joanne Blum, Minister
Unity Church of Delaware
Sunday, May 2, 2021
"Night of Emergence" by Rev. Joanne Blum
Music by Joe and Joanne
Here in central Ohio, we are awaiting the arrival of the 17-year cicada. I'm seeing their tiny exit holes everywhere now and eagerly anticipate their "night of emergence," when they will synchronously emerge from underground to sing and soar above us. What an amazing model of transformation! We'll draw some lessons from nature this Sunday on the vast transformative energy available to us all.
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Last Sunday's Service 4-25-21
"Reinventing Oneself"

Some times in our lives are especially good ones for conscious reinvention. Now is one of those times. So many of us are discovering we're emerging from this pandemic year different from who we were before.
May is wildflower season and the
trillium are in bloom!

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