Nightclub Intensive Exploration

Enhance your skills, learn new patterns, prepare for your future social dancing or performing!

Although this September will not be ablaze with the thrill of Dance Fiesta, you can fill the void just a bit by learning new skills and techniques with or without engaging in close contact.

Maryann Harvey, UCWDC Masters Grand Champion and Classic Open Division I World Grand Champion, will be your guide through an exciting online experience sponsored by CSP Dance Studios!

This 6 week series, beginning Monday September 14, will feature 5 weeks of instruction from either the leader or follower perspective plus a final Q&A session to discuss techniques and to clarify any questions regarding the material.  

Each Monday, four measures of novice nightclub patterns will be presented, explained and demonstrated.  The fifth week in the series will provide review and combine the material into a 1 1/2 minute sequence that can be used for heightening your social dance base, as a sequence to perfect with your private instructor, as practice material for CSP teacher- led mini classes or for performing with a partner(or maybe as a group) in competition (Dance Fiesta next year?).  

Whatever your intended use, this series is the answer to your "no dance" blues.  Just purchase the package, access the Leader or Follower link each week, and enjoy. Click HERE to register.