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The Nightforce Team has been racking up some frequent flyers miles since the last newsletter.  Our inaugural Precision 2-Gun match in New Mexico was a success.  The folks at Peacemaker in WV hosted the NRA Precision Long Range school which saw our ATACR 5-25x56 riflescopes help students reach out beyond 1,000 yards.  Wyoming was inundated with Nightforce employees for a Gunwerks training class as well as the PRS Extended Long Range match. 

In this edition, you'll also find coverage of recent F-Class and Service Rifle matches as well as a few great success stories from the field.  Don't miss out on this month's Tech Tip which is a great intro into dialing versus holding for elevation adjustments.

And lastly, cast your vote here...d o you prefer Minute or Mil based riflescopes? 

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Nightforce Newsletter.


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Nightforce In Action

Nightforce Precision Tactical 2-Gun

Squad 1 taking a break to pose for the camera.  Michael Bane, John Snow and a full camera crew were along to film the event for an upcoming episode of Shooting Gallery. 

John Snow engaging the close range targets on the "Ruins" stage

The 2016 Nightforce Precision Tactical 2-Gun match was held this past weekend in the Coal Canyon area of the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM.  Denise and J.J. Johnson, as well as their staff and support crew, put on an excellent match!

This match was a new concept in that competitors fired both carbines and precision rifles on the same stage. Natural terrain was the backdrop for 10 courses of fire shot over the two days.  One aspect of this match that made it unique was that competitors were required to start each stage with their gear/loadout configured as they carried it for the day.  This resulted in many competitors pulling their shooting sticks, bipods, bags, tripods and even their rifles out of their packs and building their shooting positions while on the clock. The 5 minute par time on each staged provided ample time for most competitors to build solid positions and engage all of the targets on each stage, although occasional time-outs did happen. 

Paper and clay targets close up, combined with steel out to 400 yards, tested the shooters carbine skills. Although mostly moderate, shooters encountered switching winds especially when engaging the longer precision rifle targets which often times stretched to the far side of the canyon.  Engaging targets from 300 to almost 900 yards was done from the prone, kneeling, sitting and many other unorthodox positions which shooters had to create on the fly.  Approximately 200 rounds of carbine and up to 100 rounds of precision rifle across the 10 stages were fired.  

Congratulations to the following shooters on their Top 5 finish:
1st - Collin Fossen
2nd - Tyler Payne
3rd - Brad Riley
4th - Reid Driscoll
5th - Matt Sweeney

Nightforce Marketing Project Manager Sean Murphy almost cracked the top 5 with a 6th place finish overall. 

Full results for the event can be found here.

Image galleries can be found here:
RM3Gun Gallery    
Nightforce Gallery

Look for match coverage, including following John Snow on Day 1, in an episode of Shooting Gallery with Michael Bane next season on the Outdoor Channel.  

For those interested in participating in this match next year, mark your calendar for July 7/8, 2017.

NRA Precision Long Range School

Precision Long Range School

Nightforce Optics Marketing Specialist Wayne Dayberry engaging targets out to 600 yards on day 1 of the class.
My shooting partner showing his excitement after making hits on steel at targets out to 600 yards for the first time. We eventually engaged out to over 1,000y on 1 moa targets.

Nightforce is proud to partner with NRA Outdoors  to help bring NRA branded training to the shooting community.  Nightforce is the official optics provider for the Precision Long Range School held at Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV.   We had the chance to attend the August class and can personally attest to the quality of training provided.  Students have the opportunity to utilize premium rifle systems with components including: Surgeon Rifles, AWC suppressors, Kestrel's with ABM software, and of course Nightforce Optics ATACR 5-25x56 riflescopes with Mil-R reticles.

Although a certain level of introductory content is covered, the class dives right into intermediate and advanced concepts assuming the students already have a prerequisite knowledge of basic rifle marksmanship.  Topics ranged from ballistics and wind reading to dialing vs holding and target transitions at distance, and quite a bit more.  The class is structured such that students pair up as a shooter/spotter team which helps students practice communication, spotting and wind calling techniques.  The class culminates with students applying all knowledge gained in an informal shooting competition.

More information on NRA Outdoors Training

The Nexus ammunition and Kestrel 5700 with the Applied Ballistics solver were key components in the overall long range system. 

PRS ELR Match Presented by Nightforce

View of a small part of the range as Alan and his AI in .338 Lapua topped with an ATACR 5-25x56 F1 engage at distance.

Sean with the B.E.A.S.T. on his .338 Lapua chambered AI. 

Alan Stilwell and Sean Murphy from Nightforce competed in the Precision Rifle Series Extended Long Range Match presented by Nightforce.  The match was held at the Q Creek Ranch in central Wyoming Aug 5-7th.  This match was unique in that shooters engaged targets out to a mile and if they were not shooting for PRS points, were allowed to shoot up to .338 caliber rifles. 

Kevin Shepherd of Team AI with an 
ATACR 5-25x56 F1. 

Gunwerks Level 2 Long Range Class

A team from Nightforce Optics, including representatives from the marketing, sales, customer service, production, engineering, as well as senior management including owner Dr. Ray Dennis traveled to Wyoming to attend the Gunwerks Level 2 Long range rifle class.  Along for the ride were a half dozen of our ATACR 4-16x50 pre-production riflescopes with MOAR reticles which we used to successfully engage targets from 300 to 1,200 yards.

This class is an advanced level course focusing on the critical components of successfully engaging at long range.  A significant portion of time was spent on wind reading with an emphasis on techniques for interpreting mirage.  In addition to engaging targets from 300 to 1,200 yards, we spent a significant amount of time on spotting scopes making wind calls and verifying against the well trained eye of lead instructor James Eagleman. 

James brings significant military and civilian experience to the class.  His teaching style is engaging, entertaining, and based on extensive real world experience while in the field.

A summary of topics covered included: understanding wind, internal/external/terminal ballistics, developing a load using a ladder test, field shooting, bullet selection and placement, field shooting skills, air density, incline, spin drift, coriolis effect, and backup systems such as ranging with reticles.

The final exercise included ranging unknown targets with your reticle, making a wind call, and engaging targets to approximately 500 yards. 

More information on Gunwerks

On The Range

US Rifle Team wins in Canada 

The 2016 Canadian F-Class Nationals were held this month at the Connaught Ranges, near Ottawa, Ontario.  The highlight of the week was the victory in the America Match on Saturday.

Full Article

Team Virginia sets U.S. women's long range national record!

Captain David Conrath is seen here with four of the record setters.  The record setting team included: Becky Knickerbocker, Chrystal Altendorf, Mandy Guernsey, and Thea Petzling.  The team was coached by Chrystal Altendorf. 

Team Virginia Wins Bronze x2 at 2016 Canadian Eastern

Shooters:  Holly Burton, Becky Knickerbocker, Trevor McCracken and Dave Conrath Coach: Mark Holland

In The Field

"Four years ago i bought my first Nightforce scope, a NXS 5.5-22x50. the best decision I ever made. I now have a scope that even the roughest handling can not change the zero. Thank you for making a scope that any hunter - shooter would be proud of. Here is a picture of a 33 1/2 Aoudad taken at 600 yards --- one shot!"

by Terry F.

"Just returned from a free range Aoudad hunt in South Texas. A 164,000 acre ranch, no high fences, a long range hunter's dream destination. I took this ram with 35" curls on both sides at 447 yards, one high shoulder shot and he dropped like a brick. My Nightforce 5-20 SHV performed flawlessly. Thanks again for a great product!"
by Dr. Michael H.
In the News

Ray Dennis - South Australia Entrepreneur Of The Year - Finalist

South Australia's top entrepreneurs were recently named at the 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Yearâ„¢ Central Region awards ceremony in Adelaide.  The National Finalists included our very own Dr. Ray Dennis.   Full Article

Nightforce Competition SR Fixed 4.5x24 at Camp Perry

A distinct advantage for Service Rifle competitors!

At this years National Matches at Camp Perry, the new Nightforce Competition SR Fixed 4.5x24 was atop the rifles of many top finishing competitors. 

A few highlights of competitors using the Nightforce Comp SR:
  • Presidents 100 Match - 7 of the top 10 shooters
  • National Trophy Individual Match - 6 of the top 10 shooters were using the Comp SR riflescope, with US Army Reserve Team members finishing 1st and 2nd.
  • Hearst Doubles Match - the US Army Reserve team finished 1st and set a new record while doing it. The AMU finished 3rd and 5th and the Marine team finished 7th.
  • National Trophy Team Match - The US Army Reserve, Marine Rifle Team and AMU finished 1st, 2nd and 5th respectively. The individual high score of the match was shot by a Marine, who cleaned the course.

Nice coverage of the recently released Service Rifle optic.   Full Article
Tech Tip
Dialing or Holding for Bullet Drop

How to use either method to effectively compensate for bullet drop

In this Nightforce Tech Tip, we will introduce two methods for adjusting for bullet drop at distance; dialing and holding.  These are two common methods used by long range shooters and can work equally well when it comes to adjusting for the effects of gravity on bullet trajectory.  Each one is performed using different methods, and may also have unique advantages in certain shooting situations. Full Article

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