June 2016

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Summer has kicked into high gear within the shooting sports industry.  Some 80,000+ attendees convened in Louisville for the NRA Annual Meeting in mid-May.  The event was as busy as ever with a packed Nightforce booth until the last day drew to a close. Kristy Lee Cook was in the Nightforce booth greeting visitors and signing autographs.   And the following week saw many of the top short range benchrest competitors from around the world descend upon the Kelbly Range in North Lawrence, OH to vie for top honors and a deep prize table including cash and a handful of Nightforce Competition Fixed 42x44 optics at the Firearms Industry Super Shoot. 

In addition to highlights of these events, in this edition you'll find two exciting new product announcements, some great stories from the field, and guest column articles that may really help your long range shooting.

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Nightforce In Action

Over 80,000 attendees and 750 exhibitors descended upon Lousiville, KY for the 2016 NRA Annual meeting.  
Kristy Lee Cook was in the Nightforce booth signing autographs and taking pictures with attendees.  Kristy is one of the hosts of The Most Wanted List and a former American Idol top ten finisher.  New for 2016 products on display were our new lightweight Competition Fixed 42x44 and the first focal plane SHV 4-14x50 F1.  

Firearms Industry Super Shoot

A full field of top benchrest shooters from around the world gathered for the 44th annual Firearms Industry Super Shoot in North Lawerence, Ohio. Two members of the Nightforce Sales and Marketing team were on sight to support the event.  Three Competition/Benchrest riflescopes (left) and a TS-80 spotting scope were on display and five Competition Fixed 42x44 riflescopes were up for grabs on the prize table.  

Tony Boyer (right) is seen here running one of our new Competition Fixed 42x44 riflescopes during the first day's 10.5lb competition.  The 20.7 ounce overall weight of the Fixed 42x44 is an excellent choice for a competitor wanting the precision and reliability of a Nightforce for their 10.5 lb Light Varmint short range benchrest rifle.

Kevin clearly enjoying the match!
Wayne and Tony chatting about the conditions. 

Nightforce New Product Announcements

The popularity of Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and NRA service rifle matches, combined with recent rule changes, have resulted in the new CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5 x 24 riflescope by Nightforce.

The CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5 x 24 is purpose-built to comply with 2016 rules that, for the first time, allow the use of riflescopes having a maximum magnification of 4.5x and objective lens diameter to 34mm.  More...

We would like to introduce a new member to the Nightforce product family, the ATACRTM 4-16x50.  This second focal plane riflescope includes all of the legendary ATACRTM features and an extremely versatile 4-16x magnification range.  Its ED glass and virtually indestructible construction have distinguished the ATACR™ as the ultimate precision instrument for long-range shooting among military, tactical professionals and civilian shooters alike. Now, the ATACR™ 4-16x50 will allow you to achieve the same kind of extreme performance from your hunting rifle. Its resolution and clarity, in a second focal plane configuration, will fully realize the capability of the flattest-shooting hunting cartridge. If the terms "high ballistic coefficient," "low standard deviation" and "match grade" distinguish you from the ordinary hunter, then you'll know why "extra-low dispersion glass," "repeatable adjustments" and "impact testing" distinguish the ATACR™ 4-16x50 from ordinary riflescopes. 

If you consider shooting to be the ultimate blend of art and science, and hunting for you is a way of life, the ATACR™ 4-16 x 50 is an absolutely brilliant idea. More..

Country singer and outdoors-woman Kristy Lee Cook recently visited the Nightforce Optics headquarters in Orofino, Idaho.  While there, she learned about how Nightforce makes some of the toughest riflescopes on the planet.  Highlights of the tour included the precision manufacturing done in-house, the amount of hands-on work it takes for proper assembly of riflescopes and the extensive quality checks performed throughout the build process; to include the legendary Nightforce impact testing.  Look for this tour to appear this fall in an episode of The Most Wanted List on the Sportsman's Channel.

From The Field

Todd Harney Kuiu

Jacob sent us this image and story last winter.

"I was recently hunting for whitetail in northern Michigan.  It had snowed earlier in the week but now the weather was above freezing.  I was sitting among the large majestic Northern Michigan white pines...waiting in peace.  Then I noticed just how awesome my rifle setup looked in the freezing rain.  So I snapped a couple pictures to make desktop wallpaper.  It's an NXS 5.5-22-56mm on top of your mounts on a Remington 700 5R mil-spec in 308 win.
I reload my own ammo and shoot ¼" moa with this setup.  Despite the freezing rain and crazy fog from the temperature swing my glass was clear as crystal.  In fact looking through my glass is always clearer than looking with my own eyes.  Parallax and magnification working perfect despite the freezing rain and fog.  The view of the 8 point that emerged from nowhere was swiftly lined up with your scope...unaffected by the elements it was with ease that I squeezed the trigger for a perfect double lung kill shot that dropped him where he stood."  

Dr Harrison

"Thank you for producing an excellent rifle scope. When you have dreamed of a hunt for years . You have invested your money. You have flown halfway around the world. Then the trophy of a lifetime presents you with a long range shot. Don't hope you can make the shot. Know you can make the shot. Know Nightforce! Many thanks to all the good people at Nightforce for producing the SVH 5x20, and God Bless your engineers!"


Dr. Michael Harrison
Gue st Column
Caught in the Crosshairs - Part two
by Tom Bullock

Last month we looked at the development of the modern riflescope reticle, focal planes, MOA vs. Mil-Radians, and the pros and cons of illuminated reticles.  This time, we're going to take a hard look through the viewfinder at the characteristics that make a good hunting reticle, versus one you might come to regret. 

Styles of reticles

Post and crosshair
First, there were simple crosshairs, which provided an aiming point but little more.  The Europeans were the first to experiment with modifications, the simplest being the addition of heavier posts, usually at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.  These posts tend to draw the eye to the center of the reticle, with nothing to clutter the sight picture, and such designs remain extremely popular today.   Read More...

In the News
By Justin Crossley, Rokslide Moderator

The name, "SHV" Shooter, Hunter, Varminter, speaks to the versatility this scope offers. Designed in collaboration with  Bob Beck from Extreme Outer Limits, Nightforce has brought a great option to the budget minded hunter or shooter. 

SHV MOA 1000

The 4-14x gives the hunter/shooter a good magnification range for a wide array of shooting scenarios. The 56mm objective lens creates a very bright sight picture, and works very well under low light conditions. With covered windage and elevation turrets, the hunter gets piece of mind that the scope will stay zeroed while dragging the rifle through brush.The turrets themselves provide good grip, even with gloves, which is important for a rifle hunter who dials elevation corrections.

Tech Tip

The folks at Applied Ballistics recently shared with us a summary of their educational seminar series.   To some, there is a (pardon the pun) "magic bullet" in long range shooting.  Perhaps it's the latest bullet design, tweaking their brass prep ritual, or obtaining the latest piece of kit.  Yes, these will most likely provide a benefit to the average shooter.  However, developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ballistics, and knowing which pieces of information are the most critical for your particular shooting application must be a key component in any long range shooting system. 

Applied Ballistics Seminars
by Mitchell Fitzpatrick - Applied Ballistics

In the modern age of long range shooting, long range marksmen have more information and technology available to them than ever before. Advancements in all areas of the shooting industry have brought obtaining exceptional performance at long range into reach of nearly anyone interested, thus allowing even the most experienced marksmen to extend their ranges. With all of this information being generated, getting it into the hands of shooters to expand their capabilities has become the goal.   Read more...
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F-Class and becoming friends with Walt Berger. Away from the office, he enjoys reading, reloading, and participating in shooting matches as well as spending time with his wife and kids. His hidden talent is juggling and said his one guilty pleasure is video gaming with his son. Wayne had a memorable job in high school, cutting grass for the professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. Forging a knife from scratch is on his bucket list and when we asked Wayne to describe himself in just one word he said: Dedicated!
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