February 2016

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With the 2016 SHOT Show behind us, the Great American Outdoor Show currently underway, and IWA just around the corner, we are well into our trade show season! 

In addition to a few of the usual columns, this edition features highlights from the 2016 SHOT Show, an inspirational hunting story from our own Robert Lacitinola, and a fantastic guest column on choosing a mid-powered optic.  In the upcoming weeks we'll be heading to Arizona for the Berger Southwest Nationals, over to Alabama to attend a precision rifle class, then off to Nuremberg for the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 show.  Look for some long range specific content and highlights from IWA in the next issue. 

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Nightforce In Action

SHOT Show 2016 

Along with two new riflescopes and some exciting new accessories, we debuted our new booth at the show.  Clean lines, a new enhanced graphics package, 18 video monitors, and an overall open floor plan were just a few of the major upgrades that were included in the new design. The famous Cutaway and Bullet Hole scopes were given prominent displays.  The truly torture tested NXS riflescope which has over 300,000 rounds through it, as well as a Nightforce that was atop a .338 Lapua that experienced a catastrophic failure were also on display.  We had a number of prominent visitors to our booth including the current Governor of Idaho Butch Otter, and country music and outdoor personality Kristy Lee Cook.  Here are a few highlight images from the show. 

The 2016 Nightforce Optics SHOT Show Team

Last minute preparations before the doors officially opened on Day 1

Photo ops

Kristy Lee Cook checking out the new SHV. 
Governor Butch Otter from the great state of Idaho stopped by the booth!

13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
We were truly honored with the opportunity to attend a private screening of 13 Hours with two of the heroes that were there: Mark Geist and John Tiegen. 

SHOT Show Media Coverage of Nightforce


6.5 Guys 

Guns and Ammo Video

The Firearm Blog -  SHV 4-14x50 F1

Featuring the SHV 4-14x50 F1

Soldier Systems
Featuring the SHV 4-14x50 F1

Featuring the new Competition and SHV

Shooting Illustrated Jan 2016
Featuring the  SHV 4-14x50 F1   and on  Facebook

Long Range Shooters of Utah
Featuring the  SHV 4-14x50 F1

Field and Stream
An executive at one of Nightforce's competitors, a very bright guy and an astute analyst of the market, said, "Their engineers are all active long-range shooters. That shows up in everything they design."

Elk of a Lifetime
by Robert Lacitinola
Nightforce Optics Technical Support
Orofino Id, 565 yd shot, Atacr 5-25 SFP,  300win mag,  10.5 hrs to pack out.

Elk Hunting Highs and Lows...
I have learned many things about life in the elk woods over time, first and foremost is that one must always have faith and a never give up attitude. There are constantly voices telling you that he or she will likely not be successful. A person needs to put those behind them, and push forward with the thought that the bull you want is somewhere in the next draw.  You have to believe that you just need to find him and persistence is key. After a several year break from the woods due to a steelhead fishing addiction, I found myself rejuvenated in taking up what has always been my number one recreational passion, elk hunting. Things changed for the better, as I had been fortunate to become employed by Nightforce Optics and upgrade to a world class optic with the knowledge to use it.  It is a dream job for a fellow who was born to hunt. 

Coupled with a rekindled passion to hunt again, along with cutting edge equipment, I found myself once again roaming the elk woods with my wife and best friend, Linda.  There was a lot of scouting and work before the season even opened.  When the season opened, we had a fairly productive hunt for a few days, but could never get close enough to seal the deal with my .300 Win Mag.  After a few days, we found ourselves in the right place at the right time with a bull at about 600 yards.  With my wife spotting for me, I was fortunate enough to take a great Idaho bull at 565 yards. After 8 years, I had erased the doubts in my mind about being capable or able to close the deal on a bull, and life is so very good!  I was very fortunate to be able to share this Elk Hunting High (including the 10 and a half hours of packing out) with Linda.     
Guest Column
Choosing a Mid-Powered Optic
by Dean DeTurk

As the competitive shooting sports grow, so do the style and complexity of matches competitors will face.  In the past, and for the shorter range matches, the competitor was faced with the problem of needing a true 1x scope that also allows them to shoot targets out to four or five hundred yards.  With the growth of more matches that make the shooter engage targets at mid to long range, with minimal targets under twenty or thirty yards, new optics are being considered as top choices for these matches.   I recently had the chance to use a Nightforce NXS 2.5x10x32 and the versatility this optic offers is certainly advantage. 
I mounted this scope on my Lancer Heavy Metal .308...  Read More  
Tech Tip
ED Glass - What is it and why is it important?

ED Glass - ED glass is found in our ATACR, BEAST and Competition riflescopes as well as our TS-80 Spotting scope.   ED stands for "extra low dispersion" which is a type of glass only found in premium optics.  The benefit of ED glass is its ability to reduce levels of chromatic aberration, or color fringing - the distortion you see on the edges of an image at higher magnification.  Technically speaking, t he chemical makeup of ED glass compresses the distance between each color's plane of focus, resulting in greater color saturation, contrast and image detail.  

When light passes through a standard lens, the different light wavelengths do not converge at the same point. Think of a prism and how it breaks white light into the individual color channels (Standard Glass image above).  The net effect is a loss in potential image sharpness, color tone, and contrast.  ED glass on the other hand (ED Glass image above) focuses the light down to a much more precise point which results in a more appealing image to the eye. ED-type lenses also perform better in terms of light transmission, which provides a significantly more brilliant image.  This explains why it is used extensively in the most expensive professional grade camera lenses. 

The benefits of incorporating ED glass in a riflescope include an enhanced viewing experience in harsher environments, in lower light, and for a longer period of time without added eye strain.   Shooters heavily reliant upon any of the following characteristics from their optics would benefit by considering an ED glass based optic:
  • Precise target discrimination at extended distances
  • Ability to engage targets effectively in low light conditions
  • Frequent conditions of low contrast, such as when engaging a tan colored target across an earth tone background
  • Negotiating heavy mirage conditions which are commonly found during the heart of long range competition season
  • Extended sessions on glass while scanning for quarry or waiting out conditions on the range

Nightforce Optics products which feature ED Glass

Spotting Scope

Meet Nightforce

Entering his third year as an Account Manager, Drew works with approximately 90 dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada to manage their orders and help them maximize the benefits of carrying Nightforce products.  His analytical and technical skills drive him to learn as much as possible about shooting specifically long range, hunting and action-based sports such as USPSA and 2 Gun.  His favorite experience at Nightforce thus far has been the opportunity to participate in long range shooting events like Benchrest or PRS matches. Drew has a hidden talent for remembering a lot of information, and he says, some of it is even useful! Outside of shooting, he would like to learn other languages and says his one guilty pleasure is coffee. He values family, integrity and humility and says his favorite vehicle is the one that is paid for! 

We asked Drew to describe himself in just one word:  Dynamic!
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