Ellen Bone - Psychic Medium
"the Universe does not hear your words,
the Universe hears your vibration"
The above quote is from Abraham( a group of non-physical entities) channeled by Esther Hicks. I saw it in a newsletter from Hay House Publishing this month and it struck such a deep chord. It reminds us to live NOW as you wish to be. Be happy NOW. Walk, talk and act like that debt free,skinny author you aspire to be...do it NOW. It is our vibration that attracts what we have in our life. If you don't like what you have or are...vibrate at a different frequency( fake it "til you make it. Smile even if sad, etc) and the Universe will respond.
Never had this happen before!
I don't tell people anymore that I can't be shocked...even though I rarely am...because occasionally the Universe sends me a surprise. I read for a person whose reoccurring nightmare involved a man who seemed threatening and menacing in her dream. I am not a dream interpreter, but as she spoke of her disturbing dream, the man came through with a message!! He really wasn't a "nightmare" monster at all! He wanted her to know that she did not cause his death ! This man...now in spirit.. had intervened in her abused childhood when she was very little and all she remembered is that something happened to him and he never came back. The man was able to tell me what happened and that it was not her fault....thus freeing her from her "nightmare" of guilt and fear.
February Schedule
The Universe in the form of Mother Nature keeps interfering with my schedule!
I cancelled events in January and February is shaping up to be a bit uncertain .
I have managed to stay well, but many have been battling the flu this year so here is my potential schedule subject to whatever February gives me.

Hebron, Best Western
Friday, Feb.2 and 3rd
by appointment only

Cambridge, Hampton Inn
10 am-5pm

Zanesville, Holiday Inn Express
Feb 16 and 17th
by appointment only

22nd thru 25th
Birthday celebration with my Mom