"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking."
* Joan Didion * 

This was the wisdom on my tea bag the day I started my current book project, one I doubted I was really ready to undertake. 

For writers and teachers, I've found that nothing takes the pressure off the process and soothes oceans of self-questioning more than realizing you're not there to dazzle people with what you already know.

You're there because you've still got something to learn.

And that's exactly how it's supposed to be.

Namaste for Now,

P.S. Speaking of teaching from a humble place of learning....

This Sunday Sept 25 NYC, I'm offering my first live workshop around my new book-in-progress. You can sign up HERE

I'm also happy to say that I have a bunch of FREE passes. Since my goal is to share and refine this work with as many people as possible before we launch, I'm happy to comp you and a guest. Seriously...! You can pay if you want, but feel free to just send me back an email and enjoy the workshop on me.