Many thanks to those who provided missing dates and submitted additional photos by May 31 . Over 750 heritage photos submitted by swimming and diving friends and alumni are on the Heritage Website here: .

500 photos (377 submitted plus the 123 team photos) have been released to our graphics designer for incorporation into the Ninth Lane Banner.  That process will take approximately two weeks - if you see errors in the NLB PHOTOS please notify our team ASAP:

You can read more about the Ninth Lane Banner here: . That banner will be installed on the south wall of the Robert F Busbey Natatorium in August. All pictures - whether used on the NLB or not - will stay on the Heritage Website, along with new photos as they are submitted.

Attention will now switch to the Timeline Wall:   If you can help edit the entries on the Timeline Wall let us know. We won't need help for long but we need it NOW - for the next four weeks or so.

ALSO - if you want to suggest a picture or pictures for the Timeline Wall column headers let us know.  Same email as above:

Thank you for your support,
The  Heritage Committee - Wally Morton '74-'14Dave Guinther '69, Jim Starrett '74, Jim Smith '78, Joe Stockwell '81, Tom Fattlar '86 and Mike Lehto '94-'07

PS - Please review the Ninth Lane Banner Photos for incorrect dates and to add as many names as possible - some photos have dates but no names or locations.  They are HERE.

PPS - Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 26.  Official "coming out party" for the new pool graphics, the annual Splash Bash and CSU Homecoming. Details to follow