It's that time of year again!
The Nitrogen Ban is being lifted on October 1st
Granular Fertilizer and Nitrogen
What is it?
  • Our granular fertilizer contains 80% organic material to help your lawn flourish.
  • This application will probably have a more potent smell than previous applications due to the organic material being applied
  • Nitrogen is the building block for plants and their health it allows for the development of chlorophyll, which allows plants to photosynthesize and create their food
  • Nitrogen is the vital component of our mix that promotes lush, vigorous growth and helps to make the lawn dense to help keep out unwanted weeds.
What does this mean for your landscape?
This application of Nitrogen-based fertilizer will do a few different things to help your lawn, trees and shrubs be the best they can be:
  • Strengthens the root structure
  • Keeps grass blades and foliage thick and luscious
  • Promotes the healthy development of leaves, flowers, foliage and fruit
  • Promotes strong green color in leaves and foliage
  • Provides the energy necessary for plants to grow
Signs your lawn needs nitrogen-based fertilizer
  • Yellowing grass because without nitrogen allowing for plants to produce chlorophyll they begin to lose the green color
  • Dead patches of grass
  • Increased weed growth in the lawn
  • Lawn thinning out