May 29, 2019
Nixa News | June 2019 Edition
In this month's edition you can read about...

  • Improved Online Permit Application process
  • Weather Radio Giveaway Program
  • Nixa Recycle Center Summer Hours
  • Nixa Declares War on Mosquitos!
  • Upcoming events
  • A letter from the Mayor
  • And more!

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It's Deja-vu all over again! Just about this time last year I wrote about the City of Nixa winning the 2018 Missouri Municipal League's Innovation Award for the second time, and I am proud to say we have done it yet again. This is the third year in a row in which we have won this statewide recognition.

The City of Nixa prides itself on being one of the most innovative cities in Missouri. Council and city leadership both push to find the best possible solutions to the challenges facing our community. As a smaller city, we have limited resources, so we must be creative to stretch each tax dollar further.

Over my term as Mayor, the City has been recognized 4 out of 5 years on a statewide level for our innovation. In 2018 we won for our Solar Farm, a public-private partnership which provides clean, affordable energy to Nixa Utilities customers. In 2017 our municipal courts earned the award for its Community Alternative Sentencing Court, which helps to treat the root causes of crime. And in 2015 we received honorable mention for Nixa Police's program “Crime-Free Multi-Housing” which reduced crime in a high-density residential areas.

For 2019, we received the Innovation Award for our "Think Tank" program. The Think Tank allows City staff at all levels to contribute to problem solving and giving new ideas. This develops the city's internal talent pipeline and fosters retention so we can keep our talented staff members. The Think Tank has helped the City develop solutions to complex internal issues across the organization.

Along with being excited about Nixa's accomplishments, I am also very proud of how our team has spread these innovations to other organizations. Municipal Judge Joel Harris has partnered with MSU students to spread the CASC program to other communities in the region. The Public-Private Partnership behind our solar farm is being replicated for other projects around the state, and I am sure other organizations will want to mimic our Think Tank program to help them innovate.

Please join me in congratulating our team for this great win, and here is to winning again next year!

Mayor Steele
The Baffler
This perplexing puzzle will keep you bewildered, befuddled, and bemused.

Q: A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

The answer to The Baffler is at the bottom of the newsletter.
City Councilman Among Graduating Class of 2019
The youngest person ever elected to Nixa City Council, Justin Orf, continues to build an impressive resume as young leader. On May 17th 2019, he graduated from two universities with two degrees.

Councilman Orf graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and on the same day, he also graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

First elected at the age of 20 to represent Nixa’s district 3, Justin was a fresh graduate of Nixa High School and was taking college classes during the day while attending City Council meetings two evenings each month. Last month, on April 2nd, Orf was re-elected to a second 3-year term on city council. How many students graduate college having already won two elections to serve in their local government?

Scam Alert!
Please help us get the word out about these scams by educating your elderly loved ones, as they tend to be targeted by such scams, and are most frequently the victims of such scams.

Neither the City of Nixa nor any of its departments will ever call you to ask for payment in the form of gift cards.

If someone calls you asking for gift cards as payment, this is a sign that the person is trying to rip you off.

If anyone calls you asking for money saying they are with the City of Nixa, Nixa Police, or any other Nixa city department, just hang up on them. Scammers are able to “spoof” a phone number to make it look as if they are calling from the City of Nixa or one of its departments.

If you are concerned as to whether the City of Nixa may have a legitimate reason to contact you, please hang up the call, then call Nixa City Hall at 417-725-3785 during normal business hours, and we can help you determine whether or not any real city staff were trying to contact you.

There is no way for Nixa Police to track down who called you or to retrieve funds given in the form of gift cards, which is exactly why scammers operate this way.

Working For You
Nixa improves its online permit application process!
Are you planning to build or install a fence, deck, pool, shed, storm shelter, or sign? You can now submit your permit application for any of these projects without any paperwork!

For the time being, all other permit applications will still require some paperwork and may require a visit to City Hall. We are continuing to work to streamline the online permit application processes.
Nixa Declares War on Mosquitos
Street department personnel will begin mosquito fogging this year on Monday, June 3rd. The Nixa Street Department will begin spraying for mosquitos as part of our annual summer mosquito abatement. We do this in order to cut down on the amount of disease carrying mosquitos within the Nixa city limits.

Foggers will drive designated routes Mon-Thur. 7:00pm to 9:00pm. You can see which streets will be sprayed on this map .

The intent is to spray every area once a week. We do not spray along every street. The wind will carry the mist so that areas near the streets where we do spray will also benefit from the mosquito killing effects. Spraying will be subject to rain and wind conditions. We try to spray the city parks more than once a week and also drop mosquito abatement in ponds and other standing water areas in the city.

Please help do your part by limiting the amount of standing water on your property.

Mosquito spray frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Is the spray harmful to humans? No. We would not spray if it were dangerous for our residents. The chemical we use is MasterLine Kontrol 4 (for mosquitoes, flies, and gnats). The active ingredients are Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide, and they are highly diluted, 90% of what gets sprayed is an inert oil mist. You can read the full material safety data sheet.  

Is the spray harmful to pets and animals? No. We would not spray if it were dangerous to pets and animals.

Is the spray harmful to plants? No. However, as an extra precaution, and as always, you should wash any fruits or vegetables prior to eating them.

This service will depend on weather. Rain and/or winds over 12mph will render fogging ineffective. Areas not fogged because of these conditions will be fogged on the next scheduled date for that area if conditions allow.
Are you using the center turn lane correctly?
Nixa Police see a lot of drivers using center turn lanes incorrectly. Not only is it a violation of the law, but it is dangerous and leads to traffic crashes. Three areas where we see many of these violations are:
  • Along Highway 14
  • Along Nicholas Rd between Nixa High School and Hwy 14
  • Along Aldersgate near Wendy’s and Walmart

We want to see less traffic accidents and fewer violations, so we want to educate the public on how to use the center turn lane properly. On Thursday April 18th, Nixa Police kicked off their educational campaign by posting a Facebook live video explaining the proper use of center turn lanes, and we will be doing more education on social media over the next few weeks.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • It’s called a “center TURN lane” not a “center CRUISE lane”.
  • Only use the center turn lane to turn left.
  • Don’t drive in the center turn lane for more than 500 ft.
  • Don’t ever use the center turn lane to pass traffic.
  • Don’t use the center turn lane as an on-ramp for gaining speed to merge. When turning left from a cross street, wait until all lanes are clear cross to your lane of travel.
  • Using the center turn lane incorrectly leads to crashes.

Nixa Police will soon be stepping up enforcement of center turn lane laws. This week, violators will be given warnings for using the center turn lanes incorrectly, but soon, we will begin enforcing a zero-tolerance policy and our officers will write tickets for violations. Our stats show that when we step up traffic enforcement, the public begins driving better, and we see less crashes. We don’t increase enforcement to be jerks, we do it to correct dangerous driving and hopefully keep you from having a crash.

Thank you for driving safe!

- The Nixa Police Department
The Nixa Recycle Center began its summer hours on Tuesday May 28th. Summer Hours means the recycle center will be open Tuesdays-Saturdays 7am-7pm. It will also be open Mondays from 8am-4:15pm but will be closed Sundays and designated holidays.

In observance of Independence Day, the Nixa Recycle Center (and all Nixa City offices) will be closed beginning Wednesday July 4th thru Sunday July 7th and will reopen on Monday July 8th.
Parks Program Guide
City of Nixa gives away weather radios to those with no other warning system at home
The City of Nixa has given away 55 FREE weather radios to Nixa residents with special needs or who are 65 and older who did not already have a weather radio, could not afford to purchase their own weather radio, or did not use a smart phone app to alert them to severe weather.

This program was made possible by funding from the Nixa Community Foundation.

Radios were pre-programmed and already had batteries installed. Folks were able to stop by Nixa City Hall during normal business hours to request a weather radio.

Now that we have given away radios, we are keeping a waiting list so that if we obtain more grant funding in the future so we can buy more radios, we will be able to contact those individuals to try to get them one. If you can't wait, we highly recommend purchasing a weather radio. If you need assistance programming one, feel free to stop by Nixa City Hall during business hours. We are open Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm except on designated holidays.

Call Nixa City Hall with any questions (417-725-3785) or email us at
Exceptional City Staff
Employee Spotlight
Dennis Acox has been an officer with the Nixa Police Department for 7 years. He serves as a patrol officer with the 2nd squad and is tasked as a Field Training Officer. That means he ensures new officers understand how to work safely while following department policies and procedures.

Officer Acox is a great team member because he is patient with our new officers in training and has a knack for explaining to them ideas that veteran officers might take for granted, but which are totally new for someone who isn't experienced in law enforcement. His training style provides our department with officers who understand how to do a good job and how to be safe doing it. He also has a great sense of humor, which makes working with him a pleasure. He also brings a wealth of experience from his work prior to becoming an officer.

We are grateful to have Officer Acox as a part of our team because he is reliable in handling calls for service in a safe and professional manner. He consistently investigates situations thoroughly and is good at remembering details. He is friendly with the community and builds trust with citizens, which helps us to build bridges in the community and make our city a better place to live.
Nixa Police Officer Honored as Crisis Intervention Team Officer of the Year
Sgt. Daugherty wins CIT Officer of the Year Award.
The Ozarks Area Crisis Intervention Team (OACIT) Council and the Southwest Missouri affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) have honored Nixa Police Sergeant Joe Daugherty as the winner of its 2019 “Crisis Intervention Team Officer of the Year Award.”

The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) law enforcement officers for their efforts to foster collaboration and compassion in assisting those affected by mental illness and to increase knowledge about mental illness in order to eliminate stigma.

Sgt. Daugherty exhibits a strong sense of compassion and concern for those individuals in his community experiencing behavioral health issues and places priority on connecting them with the resources available to assist them.

Vote now to see Nixa PD on national television!
If you liked the Nixa Police Department's lip sync challenge video from last summer, please go vote for it NOW! You can vote as many times as you want! The top 10 videos will be featured as part of a special on CBS called "Lip Sync to the Rescue." The Nixa Police Department was the only first responder agency from the state of Missouri to make it into the competition!

City Events
Movies in the Park 2019
Movies in the Park
The Movies in the Park series is presented by the Massengale Group. All movies are held at McCauley Park, begin at dusk, and all movies are FREE! Please bring lawn chairs or blankets. Concessions will be available for purchase. All movies are dependent on weather. No smoking and no alcohol.

June 8th:  Sandlot
July 13th:  The Greatest Showman 
August 10th:  Bumblebee
September 21st:  Mary Poppins Returns
National Night Out
You're invited to Nixa's biggest pool party! The Nixa Police Department will be hosting it's National Night Out event on August 6 th , 2019 at The X Center pool from 6pm to 8pm. National Night Out is an evening to hang out with your community and first responders as we enjoy family fun, games, swimming, food, prizes, and more!
Friends of the Park Summer Pool Party
All are welcome to the Friends of the Park: Summer Pool Party! This FREE event will be held at the Aquatics Center. Come swim with us—the pool party will be held on Sunday, June 30th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
The Update is a great way to learn more about what's happening in Nixa and have your questions answered while enjoying lunch. Each month, we bring a different guest speaker from Nixa local government. These events give senior citizens an opportunity to meet and interact with the city's leadership, voice their concerns, and stay informed!

2019 DATES: April 24, May 29, June 26, July 24, August 28, September 25, October 30, November 27, December 31.

Anyone can enjoy lunch at the Nixa Senior Center. A suggested donation covers the cost of lunch: $3.50 for those 60+ and $6.00 for those under 60. Learn more about the Nixa Senior Center at the   Nixa Senior Center   website.
Swim Lessons
Girl jumping into swimming pool.
There are 6 levels of swim lessons. Each level has 4 sessions, with each session consisting of 8 total classes.

Classes are held Monday - Thursday for two weeks. In case of inclement weather or holidays, Friday may be used as a make-up day. Tadpoles and Intro to Swim are 30 minute classes; Levels 1 - 5 are 45 minute classes.

Registration for swim lessons begins February 1st and ends the Thursday prior to the session start date. Fees for Swim Lessons are as follows: Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53. For details on each lessons, available times, or for private lessons--contact us

Session 1: June 3rd - June 13th
Session 2: June 17th - June 27th
Session 3: July 1st - July 11th
Session 4: July 15th - July 25th
Fall Recreational Volleyball
Recreational Volleyball is geared towards introducing and fostering girls 3rd through 6th grade an interest in volleyball. Emphasis is on learning the game and having fun.

Season Dates:  September 16th/17th - October 14th/15th. 3rd/4th grade plays on Monday evenings; 5th/6th grade plays on Tuesday evenings. The season ending tournament will be held on Saturday, October 19th. 

Open To:  The program is open to girls in 3rd - 6th grade.

Location:  Games will be played and practices will be held at The X Center.

Fees:  Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.

Registration:  June 10th - August 14th. *Late registration August 15th - 18th with a $10 additional late fee.
Fall Recreational Soccer
Recreational Soccer is geared towards introducing and fostering interest in soccer. Emphasis is on learning the game and having fun. The league is open to boys and girls; it is comprised of 4 different divisions, 3&4 years old, 5 years old and Kindergarten, 1st/2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th – 8th grade. Games for every division are on Saturday morning/afternoons.

Season Dates : September 14th - October 19th.

Open To:  Boys and girls ages 3 years old (must be 3 by September 14th) to 8th grade.

Location:  Games will be played on Saturdays at McCauley Park and practices are held at Rotary Park.

Fees:  Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.

Registration:  June 10th - August 14th. *Late registration from August 15th - 18th with an additional $10 late fee.
This is an instructional league that has been designed to continue a child’s all around development from t-ball to baseball or softball. Each division is a progressional step up from the previous division.

Season Dates:  The six game season begins the week of July 22nd.
Open To:  The program is open to boys and girls ages 3 years old to 
currently in 6th grade (Must be 3 years old by July 22nd).
Location:  Rotary Park and Nixa Schools.
Fees:  Members $40, Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.
Registration:  Ends on June 19th. *Late registration from June 20th - 23rd, with a $10 additional late fee. 
Game Days:
3&4 year old T-Ball: Thursday evenings.
5 year old/Kindergarten T-Ball: To be determined.
1st/2nd grade (boys): Monday evenings.
1st/2nd grade (girls): Tuesday evenings.
3rd/4th grade (boys and girls): Tuesday evenings.
5th/6th grade (boys): Monday evenings.
5th/6th grade (girls): Thursday evenings.
*Game nights are subject to change.
More Nixa Parks Events, Programs, & Sports Leagues
For the latest info on all the events happening at Nixa Parks and The X Center, follow the link to
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The Baffler Answer
The solution to your scalp scratchin'.

Q: A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?

A: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
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