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January 30, 2018  

The best part about being Mayor is when you can listen to the concerns of residents and make a change that really affects their lives and our community.  Often these are small things - things that could slip by if not for those in our community stepping up to make a difference.  Here are a few examples of those things we have done over the last year based on citizen input which I believe have made a real impact.
Over three years ago, I received an email from the Nixa Junior High Science Club.  The email explained that they were concerned about their fellow students being in danger due to a lack of sidewalks behind their school.  After review, the city budgeted funds in 2017 to put additional sidewalks in place, connecting the school to the local neighborhood.  Students - 12 and 13 years old - saw a safety issue affecting their friends and made an impact to help them and those that followed.
A little over a year ago, a visually impaired woman who lives near the Nixa Walmart came before council.  She, and her neighbors, felt unsafe as they tried to cross the street from their homes to shop or work.  After reviewing the situation, the city decided a lighted crosswalk between their neighborhood and Walmart was the best solution for public safety.  Working with Nixa's Street Department and the company which owns the development, we were able to put that crosswalk in place at a minimal cost.
Just over a month ago, students of the John Thomas School of Discovery came before council to requested an ordinance change which would allow them to have chickens for educational purposes.  Those students gave a passionate presentation outlining the benefits of making the proposed change.  After careful review, council agreed, changing the ordinance to allow chickens under specific circumstances for education purposes.
City council cannot solve every issue to everyone's liking. However, by listening and responding honestly, council serves the city by helping concerned citizens make a true difference in our community.  So, if you have an issue or an idea to improve Nixa, I hope you will also bring it before your city council for consideration.

Mayor Steele

Economic Developer hired to promote business growth in Christian County

The Board of Directors of Show Me Christian County, also known as the Christian County Business Development Corporation (CCBDC), is pleased to announce the hire of Andrea Sitzes as the first Executive Director for the newly founded organization. Sitzes brings over 9 years of customer service, marketing, and business development skills to this non-profit dedicated to the economic development of Christian County.  The Board's action comes with the fullest confidence that Sitzes will be an excellent steward of the CCBDC mission and a leader and advocate for our communities.

"The Board recognizes that Sitzes is a leader who, with several years of experience at the Ozark Chamber of Commerce, is the right person to pursue the interests and support of the members of the CCBDC," says Board President Scott McDonald.

Founded in 2017, the CCDBC exists to grow the business community within the county by supporting existing employers and small businesses, fostering the establishment of start-ups, and recruiting new businesses to the area. By developing Christian County's business community, we hope to contribute to community betterment and social welfare. The municipalities of Christian County, the County itself, and local businesses have committed resources to establish the CCBDC towards the aim of hiring an experienced economic developer to work as the Executive Director of the organization for the benefit of the entire county.

Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner says Ms. Sitzes is an excellent fit for the mission, "The CCBDC is truly excited to have Andrea join us as our Executive Director. She has demonstrated her skills and passion for the Ozark area during the past two-plus years as the Ozark Chamber Director and the CCBDC is confident these will carry over seamlessly to our organization. In addition to already being involved in Ozark's economic development activities, she has prepared herself for this job by participating in regional economic development professional development activities."

"The City of Nixa is excited to participate in the CCBDC.  We believe partnering with local businesses and our neighboring communities in Christian County for economic development will benefit us all," says Nixa Mayor Brian Steele. "Andrea has the skills, experience, and personality we need to fulfill the goals of that partnership.  She brings a strong background in business retention & expansion, workforce development, and business attraction.  We look forward to working with her to improve the business environment across the county."

"Christian County is proud to be represented on the board and the initiative has the full backing of the Christian County Commission," says Ray Weter, Christian County Presiding Commissioner.

"I am humbled and honored to lead Christian County into the next era of growth," says Sitzes. "From our schools to our businesses and amazing people, our county has the qualities necessary to be a driving force in our state's economy. Public and private organizations are working together like never before. Show Me Christian County (CCBDC) is about fostering an attitude of collaboration and alignment to ensure that our area is a top competitor in innovation, business attraction, retention & expansion, and workforce development. Serving the people of Christian County is my passion and I am blessed that our efforts will impact the future."

Pictures of Nixa's new park land!
In December, Nixa Parks & Recreation received a donation of 50.98 acres from Eoff Family Farms, LLC. The donated land is to be used for a new city park to be named: Eoff Family Century Farm Park.
This scenic piece of land sits along AA-highway and includes pastures, hills, forest, and river frontage along the James River. Brothers Stephen and DuWayne Eoff have donate the land from their grandfather's century farm in order to preserve their family history, rather than see it developed for other purposes.
A full list of improvements and amenities has yet to be determined and will become available once the master plan for the site is complete.

City Administrator Search Update

City Council have hired an executive search firm to develop a profile of the ideal candidate for our city's next administrator. We anticipate the firm, Strategic Government Resources (SGR), the job opening has been posted and the job description may be viewed here. Once the application period closes, the search committee (Mayor and 3 Councilpersons) will select semi-finalists for initial interviews and select 4 to 6 finalists for the full council to interview.
Uncontested City Council races, new polling place

There are two city council seats up for election on April 3rd.
The two seats up for election are: One seat in District I and one seat in District II.

Only one candidate filed to run for the District I seat,  Scott Perryman. After the  election, Mr. Perryman will fill the seat currently held by Ryan Keating.

Only one candidate filed to run for the District II seat, Matt Barker, who currently serves in that position after being appointed to the seat in 2017.

To see which district you live in, see our  Nixa voting district map.

The City of Nixa has 6 council representatives, two for each of the three districts. Council representatives serve alternating 3-year terms. This means each April, two council representatives are elected. The Mayor also serves 3-year terms. The Mayor was reelected in 2017, meaning the next mayoral election will be in April 2020.

Also, those who previously voted at the polling place located inside Espy Elementary are advised that their polling location has been changed to Nixa City Hall. To learn which polling place you should go to on election day, visit the Christian County Clerk's website.

Remember to vote on April 3rd

On April 3rd, 2018, Nixa voters will decide the following ballot issue regarding a USE TAX. This is the language you will see on the ballot:
Shall the City of Nixa, Missouri be authorized to impose a local use tax at the same rate as the total local sales tax rate provided that if the local sales tax rate is reduced or raised by voter approval, the local use tax rate shall also be reduced or raised by the same action? Yes or No
What is a use tax?
The local use tax is applied, in lieu of the local sales tax, on transactions conducted with out-of-state vendors, including catalog and direct market sales.
What types of items does the use tax apply to?
A use tax is applied to the same types of items as the sales tax. The use tax does not expand the list of transactions which incur a sales tax. The use tax applies to transactions which incur no sales tax, if the goods are purchased out-of-state and will be shipped to Missouri.
Purchasers will not pay both a sales tax and a use tax.
A purchaser will pay one or the other, depending on the type of purchase. The use tax rate would always be the same as the sales tax rate (currently 1.5%). The use tax would go up or down with the sales tax rate.
The State of Missouri estimates Nixa would collect an additional $95,000/year if the use tax is approved by voters.  $95,000 is equivalent to:
  • Personnel expenses for 2 Police Officers
  • Or new sidewalks for 7 city blocks
  • Or asphalt street overlay for 1.08 miles of city roads
The use tax will not increase the sales tax.
If passed, the use tax means the city would begin to collect its 1.5% portion of the use tax (in lieu of the local sales tax) from some online retailers and other places where it is not currently enforced.
If the use tax is not passed, online stores located out-of-state won't collect any local tax.
However, passage of the use tax does not mean all out-of-state vendors would begin to collect the use tax in lieu of sales tax. Enforcement is determined by the federal and state governments.
Other cities have approved the use tax.
Springfield, Fremont Hills, Aurora, Willard, Mt. Vernon and over 100 other Missouri cities have already passed a use tax requiring out-of-state vendors, such as catalog sales and online stores, to collect a use tax at the same tax rate as their local sales tax.
What is the current Nixa sales tax?
When anyone buys something from a Nixa business, they pay 7.475% total sales tax on their purchase.  This sales tax is divided as follows:
4.225% to the State of Missouri.
1.5% to Christian County.
.25% to County 911.
1.5% to the City of Nixa.
The city's portion is split so .5% goes to the Street fund, and 1.0% goes to the General fund, of which, the Police Department is the largest expense.

In 2017, Nixa's sales tax revenue grew 2.08%. That growth has slowed down each of the last 4 years. At the same time, operation costs including Police and Street departments grew by 4.68% from 2016 to 2017. Operating the Police Department currently costs more than the entire sales tax collected for the city.
The City of Nixa has not increased its portion of the sales tax since 1987. This issue would not increase the sales tax.
Nixa's Population Growth
Nixa's population continues to grow.  This growth has resulted in higher costs necessary to provide services such as Police, streets, and sidewalks. & Online Sales volunteered in February 2017 to begin collecting Missouri use tax on purchases by Missouri residents. This means Nixa residents pay 4.225% to the state on purchases from Amazon. (The state has had a use tax since 1959.) The state does not provide these funds to the City of Nixa. Nixa may only collect 1.5% (equivalent to the current sales tax approved by voters) from orders shipped to Nixa addresses if Nixa voters pass the use tax.
If you buy things from out-of-state vendors which do not have a nexus or 'direct connection' (such a store location, distribution center, back office, or sales representative) in Missouri, you will not have to pay use tax on those transactions. This means that if you buy something from an individual or small business in another state, you will not have to pay use tax on items from these types of vendors who would ship your purchase to Missouri. Only if an out-of-state business has a nexus in Missouri and they are going to ship the item to Missouri, and you did not pay sales tax on the purchase, would you then be charged the use tax.
If you never buy anything from out-of-state vendors which have to be shipped to Missouri, you will never pay any use tax.
How would a use tax affect my business?
If you sell things through Amazon or other online stores, the use tax does NOT mean you would have to begin collecting use tax on those sales. You would still collect sales tax on the same types of transactions on which you currently collect sales tax. The use tax is only applied to purchases from out-of-state vendors if the item will be shipped to Missouri.

QUESTIONS? Nixa Public Information Officer, Drew Douglas: 417-725-3785

Doug Colvin, Interim City Administrator
PO BOX 395
NIXA, MO 65714

The Baffler
This perplexing puzzle will keep you bewildered, befuddled, and bemused.

Q: You are attending a party with some friends when one of them states that there is something in the room that everyone can touch with either of their hands, but you can only touch with your left hand.  What is it?

The answer to The Baffler is at the bottom of the newsletter.
City Events
Seniors, come join us for The Update at the Nixa Senior Center

The Update is a great way to learn more about what's happening in Nixa and have your questions answered while enjoying lunch. Each month, we bring a different guest speaker. These events give those who may not have access to the city's electronic communications an opportunity to meet and interact with the city's leadership, voice their concerns, and stay informed!

For 2018, The Update is moving to the last Wednesday of each month.


January 31
February 28
March 28

Anyone can enjoy lunch at the Nixa Senior Center with a suggested donation of $6. Learn more at the  Nixa Senior Center website.
Father Daughter Dance

Join Nixa Parks and Recreation for the annual Father Daughter Dance! The dance is sponsored by Mac Dental and will take place on Friday, February 2nd from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Dance the night away while enjoying light refreshments, activities, and a picture to remember the evening! Pre-registration will end on February 1st: Members $25, Nixa Residents $30, Non-Residents $35. Day of Registration will begin on February 2nd: 

Members $30, Nixa Residents $35, Non-Residents $40. The registration fee includes admission for Dad and one daughter. Each additional child is $10.

Indoor Garage Sale

The Indoor Garage Sale will take place inside The X Center on Saturday, February 24th from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. Entrance is FREE to the public. Registration for booth spaces begins December 1st. Space is limited-please register early! A 10x10 space is $20 and a 10x15 space is $30. Tables are available for $5 per table. The X Center reserves the right to refuse any item inappropriate for sale in this event. No concession items allowed. 

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny is coming to town! On Saturday, March 31st join us and our event sponsor, Mac Dental, for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny will be hopping around for pictures too!

The event begins at 10:00 am, with activities running until 11:30 am. Make sure you arrive early for your age division's hunt time! The Easter Egg Hunt is free and open to all.

Hunt times: 6 months - 2 years at 10:05 am, 3 - 5 years at 10:15 am, 6 - 8 years at 10:25 am, 9 - 12 years at 10:35 am.

Recreational Volleyball

Games begin March 20th/21st - April 17th/18th
(3rd/4th Grade plays Mondays; 5th/6th Grade plays Tuesdays)

Location: The X Center

Cost: Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53

Open To: Girls in 3rd - 6th Grade

Registration ends February 14th.

*Late registration from February 15th - 18th, with a $10 additional late fee.

Flag Football

Recreational Flag Football is designed as an introduction to the sport, to build on skills, and to foster an interest in football. Participants will learn the basic skills and concepts of the game.

Games begin Saturday, March 17th with the six-week season ending April 28th.

Games will be played at Rotary Park. The program is open to boys and girls 3rd-6th grade.

Registration ends
February 14th.

Cost: Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.

*Late registration from February 15th - 18th, with a $10 additional late fee.
Recreational Soccer

Registration for Spring Recreational Soccer ends February 7th.

The program is open to boys and girls ages 3 years old (must be 3 by March 17th) to 8th grade.

Games will be played on Saturdays at McCauley Park. The season will run from Saturday, March 17th - April 28th.

Cost: Members $40, Nixa Residents $45, Non-Residents $53.

*Late registration from February 8th - 11th, with a $10 additional late fee.

More Nixa Parks Info

For the latest info on all the events happening at Nixa Parks and The X Center, follow this  link to the Nixa Parks Newsletter and

Working For You
Open and Transparent Governance

To review information such as crime stats, construction permits, and other department activities, check out the supplemental reports in the city council meeting agendas issued prior to each council meeting. The monthly department reports appear at the bottom of the agenda for the second council meeting of each month. See the 2017 year-end reports from the January 22nd council meeting here.

City Hall Renovation

The City Hall main entrance renovation is complete, on budget and ahead of schedule. The main entrance will reopen on February 5th. The renovation, which was prioritized in the city's strategic plan, made more effective use of the space inside city hall and created a single welcome desk area to improve our customer service.

Exceptional City Staff
Employee Excellence Awards

At the January 22 council meeting, Mayor Brian Steele recognized four city employees who were nominated for employee excellence award for the 4th quarter of 2017.

The winner was Will Liniger, a utility worker in our Street Department. Will was nominated for the Team Player Award by his peers as a result of his effort to go above and beyond. Without hesitation, Will regularly moves on short notice from crew to crew, serving with a smile to help make sure the Public Works Street Department excels in customer service. His dedication to the city is only one of his many efforts. Outside of work, Will shows commitment to his  family, church and serves the community's Emergency Response Team.

Lisa Brown and Autumn Miller were also nominated for employee excellence awards for their efforts to make the Helping from the Heart Committee so effective in helping Nixa families during the holiday season on behalf of all city staff. Lisa and Autumn devote extra personal time as well as work time to organize fundraisers, keep track of donations, and ensure the six families adopted by the committee are able to enjoy a special Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Joe Ripple was also nominated for an employee excellence award for helping an elderly gentleman who had fallen in his driveway and could not get up. Joe noticed the man, stopped to help him up, walked him inside, and made sure he was okay.

Now Hiring!

The City of Nixa has job openings for various city departments!

Visit  the  JOBS section of our website or you can call our Human Resources department at 417-725-3785.

You can learn more about what it's like to work for the City of Nixa when you check out our page on LinkedIn.

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Drew Douglas
Public Information Officer

City Contact Numbers:

City Hall: 725-3785
Police: 725-2510
911 Non-emergency and Animal Control: 582-1030
Utilities and report an outage: 725-3229
Public Works: 725-2353
Parks: 725-5486
The Baffler - Answer
The solution to your scalp scratchin'...

Q: You are attending a party with some friends when one of them states that there is something in the room that everyone can touch with either of their hands, but you can only touch with your left hand.  What is it?
A: Your right elbow.

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