No, We Have The Bullitt Mustang!

No, We Have The Bullitt Mustang!!

It seems there is some confusion, as to the whereabouts of the Mustang Steve McQueen drove, in the movie Bullitt. The film was originally released in 1968, with a box office PG rating. It did not matter as such, since it featured McQueen, English actress Jacqueline Bisset, and one (er, two) bad to the bone, Highland Green, 390 cubic inch,1968 Ford Mustang GT cars. Plus a chase scene around the streets of San Francisco, that still has people talking, to this very day.
There were actually two Mustangs, one for the chase, and one for the jumps. The word today is the chase vehicle popped up south of the border, while the Steve driven car, has now come to the surface, once again. Someone peddled a fake to a magazine, a number of years ago, but the real owner has a letter from Mr. McQueen, who had actually tried to buy the Mustang, for himself.
What does all this mean? It means that you will never own either Mustang, because any car even touched by this Hollywood legend, is now close to worth it's weight in certain white power substances, traded on the not so open, world market.
However, we do have a good second choice, as shown below, complete with working head lights, to hang on the wall of your man cave. Officially licensed by those who care, and ready for shipment from our secret warehouse, down by the San Fran docks.
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The Mustang From The Movie Bullitt.

Like speed, but not the danger. Here you go. The most famous movie Mustang of all time, for your wall. Tell them Frank planted it there. A great item for any Mustang fan. Approximately 20" x 6" x 8" in size. With Free S&H.

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