Newsletter #50
October 16, 2020

Get to know Burlingame & Dorner
in this video
and why they oppose the
SungEel incinerator in Endicott NY.

Anti-Incinerator | Pro-Business
Will work for a Healthy, Economically Viable,
Family Friendly Endicott

If elected, Nick Burlingame and Patrick Dorner, candidates in the November 3rd election for Endicott's Board of Trustees, would flip the majority on the Board to ANTI-Incinerator.

The battery incinerator that Endicott Deputy Mayor Cheryl Chapman and Mayor Linda Jackson want in the center of Endicott is the most controversial issue to hit Endicott in its history and is opposed by the residents.

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Some tips from their team:
Forward this newsletter to your friends, relatives, and neighbors.
Call 2-5 people who live in Endicott, especially those who do not own computers, to make sure they understand the critical need to vote for

Nick Burlingame and Patrick Dorner

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