Newsletter #51
October 16, 2020

Sign up to speak at Endicott Board of Trustees Meeting on Monday, Oct 19, at 7 pm

Send an Email by Noon today to

BY NOON TODAY - If you want to speak at the meeting you need to send an email by noon today to with your name and the topic you want to discuss.

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 865 9659 9685
Dial in phone number:  1-929-436-2866

Suggestions for questions would be

Mentioning SungEel or Recycling is sufficient. The new recycling code, that the Board passed by 3-2, allows incineration with the use of the word "processing"

This is the new code:

A facility used for the receiving, temporary storage, disassembling, and processing of a single category of
pre-sorted recyclable object.

• Request that a SPECIAL USE PERMIT be applied to the recycling code. This would allow the village board to state that the "processing" that uses high-temperatures such as incineration, pyrolysis, etc., is not allowed in the village.

• You can direct any question to either Pat Dorner and Ted Warner, which would give them an opportunity to reply.

• Ask the Mayor how often she is in contact with SungEel.

• Ask any question that you are concerned about.
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