No Charge eLearning Access Extended
Hello fellow BASIS Developers,

Back in April 2020, BASIS announced that it was making its educational resources available to the BASIS community at no-cost. There has been a strong response from the community as developers recognized the value of the offer to update and expand their knowledge of the BASIS technology product set. With that in mind, BASIS has elected to extend this no-cost offering originally scheduled to end on August 1 to October 1!
No-cost eLearning Courses
Since the original April announcement, several NEW and UPDATED classes have been added to the eLearning site. This includes fresh new material covering the Barista rapid application development tool, software development best practices, Business BASIC development tools (BDT), SQL for the Ground Up, and a Digital Dashboard class. An updated Jaspersoft Studio (a WYSIWYG graphical report creation tool for report design) class will be added in the coming weeks. Other courses include an Introduction to the BBx Language, Database Management, and the application building block AddonSoftware ERP solution.
No-Cost Developer's Kit License
BASIS can also supply you with a 3-user Developer’s Kit license, valid for 6-months at no cost, to enable your participation in the hands-on class exercises. Contact if you need a developer kit license.
No-cost distance learning has never come at a more appropriate time. You may have downtime that presents an opportunity to upskill or re-skill yourselves with the robust development tools available from BASIS. Those new skills and knowledge will enable you to be more efficient, productive, and capable of continuing to provide innovative technical solutions within your workplace.

Review the courses available from BASIS’ eLearning site, create your free account, and select ‘ Enroll Me’ for the course(s) you are interested in.
Stay safe, stay healthy!
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