The contrast between a pro-life march and so many others is stark in both method and message, and that was on full display in Chicago. The pro-life marchers brought the joyful presence of hope, and their signs and disposition reflected this message. Also in the vicinity were some 200 pro-choice protesters with their signs emitting hate and hostility. 
Written by Richard C. Baker
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Currently, the Village of Canton’s zoning ordinance prevents religious assembly uses from operating anywhere within its C-1 commercial district even though secular assembly uses such as theaters, museums, and hotels, or other social, charitable, and philanthropic uses are permitted. This ordinance is in violation of, among other things, the “Equal Terms” provision of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA).
Recently a concerned individual contacted Mauck & Baker after she attempted to visit a conservative Christian website on the public computer, but access to the website was blocked. When she asked library staff why the website was not available, they told her that it appeared on their blocklist. As legal watchdogs for religious freedom, we decided to investigate to determine if other libraries around Chicago were doing the same.
I recently took a course with about 33 of my law school peers. When I signed up for the class, I was ready to have my views clash against the Professor and prepared myself to defend religious freedom. However, the biggest obstacle in that class was not the ultra-liberal scholar, but instead our “own people” who have muddied the waters of the gospel.
The 2019 Edition of our Church Legal Checklist is now available. This updated and improved version also includes a new section to make sure your church is able to fully asses other areas of risk.

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