Heated Solar Debate Shows Lack Of
Consensus And Fuels Doubt over Solar
NJ Spotlight wrote last week about "a couple of hours of heated debate" over solar legislation in committee with "solar developers, conservationists and consumer advocates all finding flaws" in the latest effort to move forward to meet the goals of the administration regarding solar energy.
Rate Counsel Director Stefanie Brand opposed the bill and argued that it essentially guts a rate cap included in a 2018 law that aimed to protect ratepayers from runaway prices that customers were paying to subsidize solar over the past couple of decades. And others brought complaints over farm and land use, and more.

And despite the lack of any consensus and agreement or, as we have written about repeatedly, any idea released about the cost, the Administration continues to push forward.

The Impact of Land Use Conflicts On Wind Development
In theory, many talk of the potential wind energy is popular and holds potential for advocates of alternative energy options. In reality, "land use conflicts are the binding constraint on the expansion of renewable energy development in the US."

In the same way previous energy projects have faced NJ’s difficult land use laws, future development of green energy will face the exact same if not more stringent scrutiny.  

New Jersey Energy Transparency Watch
News stories this week said the Governor has signed into law a bill to "modernize access to dockets and records for the state Board of Public Utilities, bringing more transparency and ease in accessing information related to the state agency."

Now that it has been 476 days since they released the Energy Master Plan, maybe this can bring some transparency to the costs of that as well?
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