Reorganizing Following the Pandemic

The churches and schools in Sierra Leone greatly suffered following the shut downs and economic disruption caused by the pandemic. Yet, they have learned to persevere during very difficult times, from a civil war to various health emergencies to an unstable financial market.

During the three years of the pandemic, we assisted the Lutheran schools by providing funds so that many of the teachers could complete their college teaching certificate and qualify for government salary.

Consistent salaries is the number one priority of maintaining a school program. The average teacher salary in Sierra Leone is around $800 a year. In the years ahead, some of the Lutheran schools will be able to operate as government funded programs... others will remain private and will fund their programs through a small tuition charge and scholarship money provided by LeadaChild.

We are also working with church and school leadership to develop a model Lutheran school in Bo that provides a quality education in a Gospel-rich environment. This model will be a tremendous blessing to all the of Lutheran schools in Sierra Leone ... and for schools in other countries located in West Africa.