January 2019

At the beginning of every new year, millions of Americans make New Year's resolutions, which inevitably are forgotten by the end of January. This year, forget making a New Year's resolution. Instead make an energy efficiency resolution. Need some ideas on resolutions to make your building more energy efficient? Contact Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to work on developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to saving your building energy and money in 2019!  
Interactivity and Efficiency
With a constantly growing emphasis on green technology and reduced energy consumption, the future of building automation controls will focus on giving building owners and managers a technology-driven, hands-on approach to managing facilities and monitoring consumption.

No Excuses For No Maintenance
People offer countless excuses for failing to maintain their facility’s HVAC system – it’s too expensive, too disruptive, too time consuming, too difficult, too much effort and the justifications go on. The arguments in favor of maintenance are, however, powerful and the cost is low when compared with the cost of dealing with a catastrophic equipment failure.

Smart office buildings, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, stadiums along with other kinds of smart buildings exist around the world. Navigant Research estimates that smart building technology will produce global revenue of $8.5 billion in 2020!

Creating a building as a smart building is advantageous to both the owner and the tenants working in the building. These advantages range from energy savings to productivity increases. They can also improve building operations, reinforce sustainability efforts, and improve decision-making.

Source:   Robotics Tomorrow
Why does indoor air quality get worse in winter? Because in order to keep the cold out and energy costs down, buildings have been built increasingly airtight with improved insulation and high-efficiency windows and doors. Reducing the amount of warm air escaping to the outdoors and the amount of cold outside air getting in means building occupants are breathing a greater amount of recirculated – not fresh – air.

Fortunately, indoor air quality can be improved, even in winter. Here are some ways to clear the air in a commercial or industrial building…

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