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Extension Deadline
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Now that we've passed the March 15th filing deadline, we are moving fast toward the next big one: Monday, April 1st is our deadline for submitting information to file an extension for individuals, trusts, and December year end C-corporations (which all have a filing due date of April 15th).

Remember, the 6-month extension for filing does NOT apply to paying tax due! Your federal and state payments of estimated taxes are due by April 15th to avoid penalties and interest.

We still need all available tax information from you by April 1st so your Tax Manager can calculate your estimated tax liability, which takes time.
Good reasons to file extensions:
  • We didn't receive all your tax documents by our March 1st deadline
  • Your business return, due on March 15th, was extended
  • You are still waiting on documents or corrected documents, such as K-1's or 1099's
  • You'll be out of town and won't be able to review your returns
  • You need more time to pay off outstanding balances from last year's tax prep fees
  • Your situation is complicated and may require additional time and planning to obtain the best result

Important Reminders
  • Please fill out our Questionnaire (at minimum) and sign the Engagement Letter - both are annual requirements for individuals.
  • We are requiring all businesses to sign a new corporate Engagement Letter this year.
  • Individuals may sign documents using e-signature, but remember that married couples filing jointly must BOTH sign (you will receive separate emails). If both signatures are not successful, then the forms must be manually signed and returned to us.
  • If you choose not to e-sign, please click the DECLINE option to keep from getting those automatic pesky reminders!
  • If you are uploading documents to your portal through File Exchange, please label them with the current year and delete the old documents you uploaded for last year's filed returns.

Stay Vigilant!
Cyber crime surges during tax season, so remember these tips to stay safe:

  1. The IRS will not call you to demand payment for taxes
  2. Recognize phishing emails, especially relating to the IRS or tax services, and don't click on their links
  3. Keep your software updated and use strong passwords, unique to each account
  4. Don't use public wireless networks
  5. Use secure document exchange software for all sensitive information, like our File Exchange feature on your client portal
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