September 1, 2019

If a station has gas, it will attract a crowd.

It seems that the people of Haiti have to deal with one shortage after another. For several months now, there has been a shortage of gasoline and diesel fuel. It is one of many symptoms of Haiti's struggling economy. Fuel distribution and pricing is controlled by the national government, and it has not had the funds to pay suppliers. As a consequence, the supply is frequently cut off entirely. The official price of gasoline is fixed at approximately $2.50 per gallon in U.S. dollar equivalent, but enterprising individuals will buy some and set it aside for when the pumps run dry. Then, they will sell it by the gallon at greatly inflated prices. Our mission has paid as much as $10.00 per gallon for gasoline during the shortages. 

Naturally, a fuel shortage affects the price of virtually everything as it becomes more and more expensive to import and bring products to market. Inflation is accelerating, and the average person is suffering. The fuel shortage is one of the many drivers of frequent violent protests against the government, which can completely shut down commerce and the ability to buy and sell. When there is no gas, there is no "go!" The tension ebbs and flows, but we see it rising to the boiling point again very soon.

We tell you about this situation not by way of complaint or a sense of panic, but rather we tell you so you can pray for Haiti on a more informed basis. From our perspective, only God can change the situation in Haiti. The political instability has impacted our ability to host short-term mission teams this year, but you can be sure that Haiti Cheri's mission continues unabated. Our Haitian national staff does an admirable job of ensuring that the clinic and services remain available to those who need it. They are the true missionaries to Haiti, and they need your prayers and encouragement.

Please join us in praying for Haiti and all of those who have to struggle through a seemingly impossible situation. There is a Haitian proverb that says "Bondye konn f รจ wout kote ki pa gen wout." That means "God can make a way where there is no way." We believe this to be true and we pray the proverb for Haiti!
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