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 March 2017

No herbicide use to be included in 
 Herring River Permits
At a meeting of the Herring River Executive Council (HREC) today, the Herring River Restoration Committee (HRRC) recommended that the permit applications seeking authorization to implement the Herring River Restoration Project not include the use of any herbicides in the Herring River Restoration Project area.  These permit applications will specify other non-chemical methods of Phragmites control. The HREC unanimously endorsed the recommendation.

Tidal restoration and saltwater inundation are expected to eliminate the majority of existing stands of Phragmites in the Project area, which are located in the lower and middle basins of the Herring River system. Methods of Phragmites control that do not include the use of herbicides, such as cutting, burning, and flooding, can be used during implementation of the Project to reduce and prevent the spread of Phragmites.  The efficacy of these methods will be evaluated as part of the Project's monitoring program.

The full text of the recommendation can be read  here.

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