"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..DONT DO ANY MORE CHEMO!" was the plea from a fan of Nabeel Qureshi, a former devout Muslim who, over a period of years, found out the truth about Mohammad and the religion of Islam. He eventually gave his life to Christ and not a moment too soon. I found out yesterday that Mr. Qureshi died September 16th, 2017. I was crushed. While rejoicing that he is in heaven united with the saints that died before him and is now in the Savior's presence, Christianity has lost a great advocate. 

I was an admirer of Mr. Qureshi after watching a YouTube video that lovingly portrayed his conversion to Christianity and how to approach Muslims to share the gospel with them, and then subsequently reading his autobiographical book:
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.
However, this newsletter is NOT about his religious beliefs or mine, it is about his personal beliefs about medicine that tragically ended his life.  
Mr. Qureshi was originally a medical student who was thoroughly steeped in the medical approach to disease. Of course, Nabeel naturally opted for conventional medical treatment when he was diagnosed with aggressive stomach cancer in 2016.
He began with radiation treatment to shrink his tumors, which it usually does initially. However, shrinking tumors is NOT curing cancer as medicine would have one believe. Tumors form to protect the body, to wall off the mutated cells from spreading. Unless they are impinging on vital organs and functions, they would be better off left completely alone (no biopsies even) and treated holistically. When the body begins to strengthen and heal, the tumors will shrink and disappear on their own.
That is not what the oncologists told Nabeel and not what he believed. He believed his doctors that radiation was the treatment that "might" save him.
On May 5th, 2017, Mr. Qureshi updated his blog with the following post: "Radiation Didn't Work, Praying for Miraculous Healing". The tumors returned and were growing faster and bigger (again, the body's attempt to stop the further spread of the cancer).
In September, 2017, Mr. Qureshi publicly announced in a video blog that he was starting chemotherapy. Qureshi admitted going through the treatment was not something he looked forward to, as he had heard a lot of "horror stories" about people who went through chemo. He confessed to feeling apprehensive about the procedure. And yet.....he did it anyway!
Mr. Qureshi died very soon after beginning chemotherapy. I firmly believe it was the cancer treatment that accelerated his disease and subsequently caused his untimely death.
If you've been with me for a while, you know that I've written detailed newsletters (which you can find in my archives on my website) regarding the dangers and ineffectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy as a cancer treatment.
When a business such as medical cancer treatment (and it IS a business), can convince people to go forth with barbaric cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, despite the thousands of others who have CURED their cancers through holistic means, you know they are smiling and doing their job. I believe it's similar to telling a person who's car is knocking, that pouring sugar in the gas tank will cure the problem. If they don't do it, their engine will eventually die. So rather than putting clean, high octane gas in their tanks, they listen to their mechanic and pour sugar in instead. I think you know what's going to eventually happen to the engine!
Last year, I started making a list of people I personally know who have gone through radiation or chemotherapy in the last few years for cancer. The list is over 30 now and... every single one of them is dead. Not because of the cancer, but because of the treatment which absolutely devastates the body and makes it almost impossible to recover and heal. I know of many others who have had radiation or chemotherapy and, while they are still presently alive, their cancers have returned and...more aggressively. When you weaken the body with medical cancer treatments, there may be a temporary remission, but the body is so weakened by it, unless the person is very proactive in lifestyle changes, the cancer usually returns easily and now the body has no way of combating it.
My own cousin was recently diagnosed with lymphoma the same month that Nabeel Qureshi died. I sent him a long and detailed email about the dangers of chemotherapy and the incredible results people have gotten from natural methods. However, he decided to initially do a few rounds of chemotherapy.
To his horror, he developed blood clots from the chemo that nearly killed him. He eventually lost nearly 75 lbs. before he said: "I've had it. I can't go through that anymore." His wife poured over alternative treatment methods, began preparing organic plant-based foods for him along with beneficial supplements, and, no surprise, his health has begun to turn around. His weight has stabilized, his strength is returning and as of 2 weeks ago, he reported that he is feeling better and stronger every day! Here is a couple who "get it"!
I cannot stress enough the importance of doing all the research you can if you're diagnosed with cancer BEFORE allowing modern medicine to blast you with devastating radiation (the same type of radiation that is emitted when an atomic bomb is detonated), and poisonous chemotherapy (which has changed little from the original form of chemotherapy chemicals used in mustard gas in WWI)!
We have to get away from using drugs and medicines to try and achieve health. There's a better way and it's up to you to tell as many people as you can. I'm a small fish in a big pond and can only do so much. Even with all the alternative health care providers who are on the lecture circuits, writing books and reaching many others, the majority of people are still being brainwashed to put their hope and trust in medicine to "cure" their diseases. The only way to change the mentality of modern health approaches is to be an example and a voice to others.
Yours in health,
Dr. Mike

Once again, I thank you for your interest. Here's to the best of health!

God bless you.


Dr. Mike

SomaHealth, PC
Dr. Michael Roth