Abuse can happen anywhere. Together, we can stop it.

´╗┐In the past few weeks, you've read and heard about the trial of Larry Nassar for serial sexual abuse of children. You were no doubt moved by the courageous young survivors who gave  powerful impact statements  at his sentencing and added their voices to the roar that's been rising for months. In this #metoo moment, there's no doubt we're in the midst of societal change.
These brave survivors have made clear the painful fact that abuse can happen anywhere, to anyone. The Nassar trial epitomized this truth with the sheer number of survivors who came forward, most of whom were abused in a place that should be safe - a doctor's office. This case also highlights the significant harm inflicted when  organizations fail to prioritize the safety of children and when adults don't take action to protect children . The public has taken notice, saying "We must prevent this from happening ever again!"

We couldn't agree more.
For over 20 years, the Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County has been committed to preventing and responding to abuse in our community by:

  • Being experts on child sexual abuse. We know how abuse happens, how to prevent it, and how to support victims and families in our community.

  • Providing sexual abuse training and consultation for youth-serving organizations. We work with agencies and community groups throughout Suffolk County to increase safety.

  • Equipping parents, caregivers and professionals through trainings and resources on intervening before concerning behaviors become abuse. We also help adults learn to recognize signs that abuse has occurred and how to respond.
You can help end child sexual abuse in our community.

Our children are too important to ignore. Please join us in speaking up and preventing abuse.
Susan Goldfarb, MSW, LICSW
Executive Director 
For more resources, visit  www.learnthesignsofchildabuse.com  or call us at 617.779.2146.
Increased public awareness leads to an increase in reports of child abuse. Help make sure that the Suffolk CAC can support every child who needs us.

The Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing coordinated, compassionate care for children and families impacted by abuse and exploitation.