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Season 2 Episode 4
Happy April Greetings Foolin'!

I wonder why I'm always so tired on April 1st, then it dawned on me, I just finished a 31 day March!

But, I'm happy when April rolls around as:
  1. Spring is here & summer's closing in.
  2. Emceeing Lincoln Financials' TRG at the 4 Seasons in Las Vegas for my 15th year in a row! It's my annuity & dream client.
  3. It's my birthday on April 22nd along with Jack Nicholson, Peter Frampton, Muhammad (founder of Islam), Queen of Spain Isabella I (patron of Christopher Columbus and who initiated the Spanish Inquisition) & Pope Alexander VIII (1689-91) ... I like Frampton the most.
  4. April 22nd is also Girl Scout Leader’s Day, Jelly Bean Day & Earth Day, when I'm done eating cookies and candy I'll clean-up after myself!

Be well,

April Fools Ideas
Here are 2 fun prank ideas you can easily pull off.
#1 "The Bathroom Is Occupied"
  • Grab an old pair of shoes, jeans and some newspaper.
  • Crumple up newspaper and fill each leg from knee to cuff.
  • Set shoes on floor in front of toilet, fit pant legs into shoes.
  • Best in 1 stall bathrooms!
#2 "Chewbacca Roar Contest"
  • Download picture of Chewbacca (here)
  • Using template (here) make a similar document
  • Fill-in name & phone number of prankee
  • Post in spot prankee won't likely see
  • Email to everyone at work besides prankee
  • Even under extreme personal duress never ever admit it was you who set it up
Blog Post:
"I Made A Sales Video For $250"

An email pops up on a Friday from a third-party asking if I have availability in the summer as a trade show presenter. A quick look at my calendar and the answer is, “Yes!” I quickly reply so, and a few minutes later get the response, “Great. They need to see a video of you, in action, as a trade show presenter.”

Ugh. I don’t have one. Oh sure, I spent a small fortune on my  corporate emcee video , but my work as a trade show presenter have always come by word of mouth or a client watching me present live on the show floor and hiring me after seeing me “in action”…not on tape…ever! I wrote back that I’d have something to them by early next week. Gulp! Okay, now what?

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