Issue No. 172 | Sep. 11, 2019
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俗语 from Xi Jinping
dà yǒu kě wéi

Meaning: Well worth doing; with great prospects for the future. ( 造句 )

Original: "新时代,农村是充满希望的田野,是干事创业的广阔舞台,我国高等农林教育大有可为。"

Xi Jinping used this chengyu in a letter addressing the nation's agricultural universities on September 7th, 2019.
Weekly Reading
没有共产党 就没有新中国
Today's issue of the  People's Daily  features an   article   t hat is a good summary of the official party line on China's accomplishments over the past 70 years: " 没有共产党 就没有新中国 ." This is not the first article of its kind, and surely not the last in the build-up to the 70th anniversary. And while not exactly concise, it provides a solid overview of the core messages the party is sending and how it is presenting itself to the people. 
Chinese Language Fellowship Program
The Chinese Language Fellowship Program (CLFP) , from the National Bureau of Asian Research, is a nationwide initiative designed to support American PhD students with a fellowship of up to $45,000 so that they can devote one year to intensive Chinese language training at an institution of the fellow's choice, generally in China or Taiwan. 

The fellowship is designed to cover all tuition and other registration/visa fees related to a student’s intensive Chinese language program, as well as to provide a generous stipend to cover living and travel costs. NBR’s program team will work with the fellowship recipients as they apply to their chosen language programs and will disburse awards in May–June 2020, with an expectation that awardees will travel to Asia during the mid- to late-summer in order to begin classes in September 2020.

Applications for the 2020–21 academic year are now open. The deadline for applications is January 20, 2020.

Master’s Programs and Scholarship Opportunities at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center
The Hopkins-Nanjing Center (HNC ) is a bilingual graduate program in international studies, jointly administered by Johns Hopkins University and Nanjing University in China. Students earn a graduate certificate or master’s degree in China, advance their Chinese language skills, and gain a multidisciplinary foundation in international affairs and China studies.

Students take courses on topics such as Chinese foreign policy, ethnic minorities in Chinese society, environmental issues, and international trade taught in Chinese by Chinese professors. 

Dedicated to supporting students, HNC offers guaranteed scholarships for all students who apply for financial aid. 

The application deadline is November 1 for early notification and February 1 for general admission. To apply for all scholarships, complete the short financial aid section included with your application by the deadline. For more information and additional scholarships visit the HNC website and contact to speak with an admissions representative.
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