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After being completed in three phases, one per summer, the Penn Cambria Campus Parking Lot project was recently finalized. Overall, this project included improvements and reconstruction of pavement areas around the entire High School campus and the Elementary School/Administration building located on site.


Specifically, sidewalk and curb repairs were completed, ADA curb ramps were constructed, significant storm-water upgrades made, signing and pavement markings added, and a waterline was replaced. 

Project Timeline

  • Phase 1 (completed 2019) - Included design and permitting for the entire project, and bidding, construction inspection/management on the north and west side of campus.
  • Phase 2 (completed 2020) - Includes bidding and construction inspection/management for the south and east side of the campus. 
  • Phase 3 (completed 2021) – Included bidding and construction inspection/management for improvements at the Elementary School/Administrative building.
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Keller Engineers is proud to present the above amount to the American Rescue Workers, Hollidaysburg. Funds were raised from our Annual Keller Open/Paul Kirby, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing.


This is the largest amount Keller has raised and we want to thank everyone once again for their participation and contribution. This money will go towards helping those in need in our area. 

Don't miss your chance to be a part of next years event! Information will be advertised Spring 2022.

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Our own Jared Keller was named to the Pennsylvania Business Central's "Signature Leaders Under 30" 2021 List. This recognition is given to individuals who work to make a positive impact in the surrounding business community, have adapted to both professional and personal changes, and dedicate their time to volunteering and bettering our Central Pennsylvania environment.

Click here to read the full article.

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The Recent Years - 2017 to 2021

Over the most recent five years (2017 – 2021), Keller Engineers has been blessed to continue to grow both professionally in service offerings and personally through employees, all the while maintaining a family atmosphere. We have celebrated graduations, engagements, weddings, births of children and grandchildren, employee promotions, employees earning professional registrations and certifications, and the company being recognized with several awards.

With growth comes change, and each of the last five years brought adaptation efforts to new technology, equipment, and software. Keller, specifically our Business Development activities, has adapted to these advances and made a commitment to grow our social media presence and produce a monthly electronic newsletter; 2021 will also bring new website that will be shared soon!

Discussing this five-year period ending in 2021 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the challenges brought by COVID-19. We can happily state our tight-knit team has weathered the COVID storm with each other and with our clients.  We are grateful that, even though a few employees and/or their family members have had COVID, everyone is healthy.

To end the Keller Engineers’ Journey segment – The First 30 Years – We share a story with you that has all the makings of a good book… surprise, shock, sorrow, and humor!  This story was shared by Brian Smith, PE, Vice President, Director of Land Development and is included in the Keller Engineers history book “The First 25 Years”. 

Killer Pigeon

On a very cold January 2017 day, as Tom Morisi and I sat in my office, we were met with the sound of crashing glass behind me. After the initial shock - and realization that I almost ran over Tom to escape whoever or whatever was trying to kill me - I was surprised to see a pigeon lying on my desk amongst the shards of glass. 


Unfortunately, the bird did not survive the crash, so now the question was what should we do with the bird – and who is going to do it? After hearing several suggestions, we called Thad Ferguson who came over and calmly picked the bird up by its legs and without saying a word, took it out back and laid it to rest.


A week or so later, my office was the scene of a prank with fake pigeons throughout. To this day the perpetrator has not come forward – but I know who you are and when the time is right, turnabout is fair play!  

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Job Title: Construction Inspector in Camden, New Jersey Office

Years at KEI: 2

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? Spending time with the family.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Any dish that includes fish.

What is one thing that can instantly make your day better? Family accomplishment.

What is your favorite season and why? Fall, cool weather to travel.

What is your dream vacation? Family vacation to the south of France.

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Wendy Rossman, October 5

Hanna Rossman, October 5

Mary Nelson, October 7

Jared Keller, October 19

Matt Stoehr, October 30

Work Anniversaries

Dan Carbaugh, 29 years

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Welcome Little Anders!

On October 3, 2021 Alex Clark, Surveyor-in-Training, and his wife Allie welcomed their second child, Anders Benjamin Clark, 8lbs 8.50oz. 20”.

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