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More than a decade in the making, the Pennsylvania Avenue Retaining Wall project in Mount Union Borough, Huntingdon County is now complete.


After removing the existing failing and collapsing stone masonry retaining walls, new galvanized steel walls with reinforced concrete facing were designed and constructed. The new walls eliminated the safety hazards the old structure brought to Borough residents, traffic, and water and sewer lines. To continue the safety mission of this project, sidewalks, ADA compliant crosswalks, and sidewalk tie-ins were added along Pennsylvania Avenue between Jefferson and Franklin Streets.


To fit into the context of the Mount Union Historic District and the adjacent East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark, the walls include concrete form liners and were stained to match the appearance of the original walls. Additionally, a standard traffic barrier with a black coating was added to aesthetically blend the walls with the railroad and neighborhood setting.

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Keller Engineers’ team was responsible for topographic survey, permitting, design of the new sidewalks, roadway and retaining walls, developing a traffic control plan, coordination with adjacent railroad and property owners, project management (including coordination with owner and funding partners), construction inspection, and construction consultation. 

Pictured from L to R (back row): Kevin Hampton, Shawn Ritchey, Craig Starr (middle row): Richard Drahnak, Randy Grove (front row): Joe Gaeto, Brian Wiser, Angela Reilly. Missing from photo Tim Larson, Joel Reese, and Dennis Rodgers.

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Pictured from L to R: Mark Sather, Huntingdon County Commissioner; Brandon Peters, Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission; Jeff Thomas, Huntingdon County Commissioner; Tom Prestash, PennDOT District 9-0; Gary Kuklo, Mount Union Borough Council; The Honorable Judy Ward, Pennsylvania State Senator (30th District); Donna Enrico, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development; The Honorable Rich Irvin, Pennsylvania State Representative (81st District); and Scott Walls, Huntingdon County Commissioner


A big THANK YOU to this group. Without their unwavering support and dedication, the project could not have been completed. The photo includes representatives of the following agencies: Pennsylvania State Senator Judy Ward, Pennsylvania State Representative Rich Irvin, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 9-0, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Huntingdon County Commissioners, Huntingdon County Planning & Development Department, Mount Union Borough Council, and the Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission. 

Click here to view more project photos.
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Hi All! I’m Katie!

And I would like to introduce myself as the new Marketing Specialist at Keller Engineers! I am and will be the person creating this newsletter, the face behind our social media, and an all-around representative of Keller in the community.

I am a proud Duquesne University Alumni, a lover of travel, and I fully believe popcorn is a food group.

My tenure here at Keller started off strong with my first day being the Keller Open golf outing. Plus, I have already had the opportunity to see firsthand some Keller Engineers' projects.

More details below!

Elk County

This August Keller has been active in Elk County with a bridge inspection in Benezette and the construction of a culvert in Saint Marys. I had the pleasure of visiting both of these sites.

Saint Mary’s Culvert – Sara Road

Arriving at Sara Road in St. Marys, the construction site is instantly apparent, but it is not until you meander closer that you discover the work being done. Keller did a review of many St. Marys bridges and deemed this one top of the list to be repaired based on its location, condition, and the amount of traffic it receives.

The Cast-in-Place culvert being built is a replacement structure for what was a twin metal plate pipe that was severely deteriorated. Keller reviewed and approved the design and is providing inspection, documentation, and construction consultation services on the project. 

Project is estimated for completion by end of August/early September.

Fun Fact: Sara Road is heavily trafficked by school buses and students on their way to the Middle and High School so this project had to be completed during the summer!


Before - deteriorated twin

metal plate pipe.

sara road.PNG

Construction in progress on

Cast-in-Place culvert.


Mifflin County

The Union Township Municipal Authority and Keller Engineers have been working on replacement and new construction pieces to the wastewater treatment facility since January 2018, with groundbreaking beginning June 1, 2021.

This $4.4 million project consists of installation of a new aerobic digester tank, rehabilitation of the return activated sludge pump station, construction of two blower buildings, reconstruction of the reed beds, and various smaller improvements.

Photos shown here depict the base and walls for the new aerobic digester (above) and the pouring of a new floor at one of the reed beds (below).

This project stemmed from continued operational problems with the existing equipment. Some components were undersized or otherwise inadequate; some had just reached the end of their useful service life.


Concrete in progress on reed bed.


Finished concrete on reed bed.

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On Monday, August 2 Keller Engineers held the 17th Annual Keller Open / Paul Kirby, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing!

It was a beautiful August day at Scotch Valley Country Club and we want to thank all of our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers. Keller Engineers was once again blown away at the generosity and support of our community.

The first-place team included Marty Marasco, AJ Marasco, Mark Moschella, and Dan Leri! Second-place team included Dan Carbaugh, Kim Carbaugh, Bob Carbaugh, and Josh Barto!

All proceeds of this even benefit the American Rescue Workers, Hollidaysburg.

Stay tuned to hear if we beat last years donation amount!

Click here to view photos.
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The Adjustment Years – 2007 to 2011

After being blessed with 15 years of consistent growth and expansion, the years between 2007 and 2011 became known as The Adjustment Years. This name was chosen because 2007 followed several years of exceptional client growth, a large increase in employees, the purchase of additional office space, the start-up of a new division, and the acquisition of a civil engineering firm in Maryland. For these reasons, the question became “How do we successfully manage all this?”

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Having a strong, trusted team of leaders in place, Joe decided to step back from project work and devote much of his time to managing the company and giving back to the communities where we work, and our employees live. Joe accomplished this by increasing his participation in numerous non-profit organizations by serving on committees, boards, and foundations. As part of Joe’s vision of giving back, Keller Engineers’ staff members were encouraged to serve non-profit organizations and educational institutions as well and were given the time and resources to do so. This practice is still followed today. 


Projects in all divisions became larger and more prominent as the employees and Keller Engineers’ resumes grew. Numerous large projects were being designed and constructed allowing the firm’s visibility to become more widespread. Additionally, Keller’s newest division, Structural Engineering, saw its workload increase, as well as its project locations...Texas, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, New Mexico, West Virginia, and New York.


During this time, a unique project, a manure digester, was designed by our Water/Wastewater team and installed on a dairy farm in Indiana County. The Transportation team began evaluating, designing, and inspecting railroad bridges which brought new services into the firm, along with new employees and new clients. At the end of 2011, Keller Engineers had a record 63 employees and gained 749 new clients during The Adjustment Years.  

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Job Title: Chief Construction Engineer

Years at KEI: 13…Since November 2008

What is your favorite holiday and why? Christmas and Easter. Christmas because that is the day we remember the greatest gift that has ever been given - when God became flesh and blood. Easter when God sacrificed His perfect Son so that I… and anyone else who puts their faith in Him would be able to call Him Father.

What would be the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery? Find out who bought the ticket for me.

What originally got you interested in your current field of work? I have always been mechanically minded. Lincoln logs, Erector Sets, and Legos were some of my favorite toys. I was also good at drawing in art class. From those given interests and some career research came engineering.

What is your most prized possession and why? Wow, that is a tough question. I appreciate all that I have been given. My faith teaches me to hold everything with an open hand. I am just a steward of it.

What’s your favorite family tradition? That’s easier to answer - vacationing together at the beach in Chincoteague, VA.

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Sheraef Youssef, August 4

Marty Marasco, August 6

Tom Roles. August 6

Work Anniversaries

Adam Charles, 1 Year

Britton Burnworth, 1 Year

Joel Reese, 12 Years

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