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Previously structurally deficient, Mill Road Bridge in Licking Creek Township, Fulton County has been restored to a safe condition.


Prior to construction, the deteriorating structure was posted for a Six-Ton Weight Limit, which prohibited vehicles such as school buses, oil trucks, and emergency vehicles from crossing the bridge.


Following construction, the bridge can now safely hold the respective weight.


The project consisted of replacing the old wooden deck with new laminated timber decking and adding bracing to the steel beams. In order to save costs, the Licking Creek Township supervisors removed the existing decking and installed the new deck.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on August 26, 2021.

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Pictured L to R: John Pecze, PennDOT; Joe Gaeto, Keller Engineers; Kathleen Gunnell, Sen. Judy Ward representative; Bonnie Mellott-Keefer, Rep. Jesse Topper representative; LouAnn Keebaugh, Licking Creek township secretary; and Licking Creek township supervisors Jason Gordon, Ronnie Swope, and Edwin Swope.

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So if a bridge is posted at Six-Tons, what vehicles can it safely hold? According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, only an average standard car, truck, ambulance, and possibly a delivery truck make the cut.

The below chart shows the approximate weight of common transportation vehicles.

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Residents of Mount Union Borough are receiving an upgrade on Moore Avenue. The original Hill Valley Creek Bridge was deemed structurally deficient and is in the process of being completely replaced.

When completed, the new structure will be a 30-foot span, prestressed concrete adjacent box beam bridge.

On August 27th, 6 concrete beams were laid on the foundation. Brought in two by two, each beam was inspected, lifted via crane, set, and then inspected again for any error.

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With a required completion date of October 25, 2021, Hill Valley Creek Bridge will soon provide a safe commute for anyone navigating Moore Avenue. Beyond the bridge, this no outlet road is the only access to the adjacent community park, and for several Mount Union residents, to their homes. 

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Keller Engineers embraced the "Be Prepared" motto of the Boy Scouts on Thursday, August 26th by sponsoring and competing in the 2021 Scouting Challenge.

Hosted by the Juniata Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, teams of five tested their skills at the American Legion Memorial Park, Hollidaysburg.

It was a tight competition of fire building, first aid, knot tying, axe throwing, leaf identification, and other skill challenges.

With two teams made up of Keller employees and their family members, the company was well represented and was happy to support and participate in the event.

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Pictured from L to R: Connie Hartman, Lisa Mobley, Dwight Hartman, Joe Keller, Joanie Keller

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Pictured from L to R: Jonathan Chwatek, Mike Glinskyl, Dave Cunningham, Sarah Shanoudy, Jared Keller

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Keller Engineers was once again happy to participate in Stuff the Barrel organized by PennDOT.

The program collects and distributes school supplies to area schools in need. We would like to thank PennDOT for their efforts and wish everyone a happy and safe 2021-2022 school year!

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The Sustainable Years – 2012 to 2016

The focus of these years was the firm’s most valued resources – the client base and staff members.

Due to the rapid growth Keller was experiencing, emphasis was put on serving and retaining clients as well as ensuring employees’ dedication was rewarded. This was done by supporting clients in their communities, participating in their events, and joining local committees. And for employees? Everything from baseball games, pig roasts, and golf outings to Christmas parties, and picnics were organized.

While this was a time of growth and positivity, it was also the time when Keller lost one of its own. Paul Kirby, Jr., Director of the Land Development Division and Vice President passed away in November 2012. Paul started his career at Keller in 1994 while a student at Penn State. He was a valued member of the company and our annual Keller Open / Paul Kirby, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing is named in his honor.

With the increased client base, a total of 3,695 for the first 25 years, also came the expansion of Keller. In 2013, 422-424 Allegheny Street was purchased and renovated into company offices and business rentals. 2016 saw Mark Haefner, Brian Wiser, Brian Smith, and Dave Cunningham added to the Board of Directors, and in 2017 plans were made to open a Keller Engineers office in Camden, NJ, to be managed by Sam Mody.

When Keller celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2016, the company commemorated with a Pig Roast, where Mayor of Hollidaysburg, John Stultz proclaimed June 10th “Joe Keller Day.” In addition, the company offices, fully decorated for Christmas, were the site of a Blair County Chamber after hours event where community leaders, employees and their families, and clients celebrated the holiday and 25th Anniversary.

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Job Title: Inspector

Years at KEI: 23

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hawaii

What makes you laugh the most? My Grandchildren

What are your hobbies? Hunting, fishing, gardening, and playing my guitar.

If you could time travel, when and where would you go? At anytime I would like to go back and watch Jesus teach.

What is your favorite type of foreign food? Italian

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Katie Lipko, Sept.1

Gary Shingledecker, Sept. 3

Dave Cunningham, Sept 9

Brian Smith, Sept. 9

Dan Carbaugh, Sept. 13

Denise Rodgers, Sept. 13

Joe Keller, Sept. 18

Ramon Melo, Sept. 22

Andy Ebersole, Sept. 24

Adam Long, Sept. 26

Randall Kring, Sept. 30

Craig Starr, Sept. 30

Work Anniversaries

Shereaf Youssef, 3 years

Jeff Wos, 16 years

Michael Pratt, 19 years

Kevin Campbell, 22 years

Dave Cunningham, 24 years

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