July 15th, 2021 Vending Technology News
Following COVID-19, it was only a matter of time until ‘no touch’ vending machines were released to the world because the pandemic created a need within the vending industry for machines to be hands-free. 

With Vendekin Technologies, consumers can now order food and beverages from their smart phones and pick those items up from the vending machine without having to actually touch vending machines as they may have in the past. 

Is Touchless Technology The New Normal?  
Major brands like Coca-Cola have been gradually releasing adopted touchless technology on their machines at various locations around the world including airports for years. Coronavirus sped up the deployment of this technology because vending machines have not just become a convenient way to gain access to food or beverages, they’ve also become an essential business during the pandemic. 

Parlevel Vending Management software offers operators an easy-to-use, all-in-one suite of online software that will enable them to refine how they do business in 2021 and beyond. 

If you’re searching for the right software solution for cash accountability, warehouse management, or machine alerts, Parlevel software has an all-in-one solution that you can consider using for managing your vending business efficiently and economically.  

Do you dream of owning a cupcake store or already operate one? Expand your reach and brand awareness without the high cost of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Digital Media Vending International’s cupcake vending machine can be placed in hundreds of versatile and unique locations, and reach a larger potential market. Imagine having branded, touchscreen vending machines at your local airport, business parks, railway stations, malls and movie theatres.

Keep an eye on inventory levels by logging into the cloud remote management system and only visit when you need to restock.

This touchscreen, elevator & conveyor belt vending machine (pictured) is perfect for cupcakes and is about $150 a month to lease, (subject credit check). A recent client with a similar business model was able to generate $50k in revenue with 6 machines over the 3 months.

Cybercrime has been making headlines for many years and this year is no exception. Recent attacks to the Colonial Oil Pipeline and the JBS Meat processing plant have been leading news stories. These are not just important because they are attacks on critical infrastructure and a view into what an aspect of future warfare may look like. They are also the first attacks that admit the fact that ransoms were paid, and the ransom amounts were made public. Colonial paid $5 million and JBS paid $11 million worth in bitcoin to retrieve their information.  These are large organizations with sophisticated IT teams, and they paid the ransom!  
What will you do if hackers lock up all your files and systems?   
It is likely you may have no choice than to pay the ransom. It may not be $5 million but it will certainly be $25K – $50K. If you think that hackers aren’t interested in your company, think again. You are the primary target for cyber criminals! 

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