155 Pelicans serving all over the world with about 10,000 short-term missionaries!
Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
No Water for One Week UNTIL...
As I told you in the last newsletter, Food Distribution has easily become one of my favorite things to do with tea ms.  It meets a  physical need, and allows us to have access into homes to pres ent the  Gospel and pray for the families.  Of course, our local pastor is with us which brings it all together!

On this particular trip, we had two families with us, a family of five and a family of two.  In the morning we went to assist at a feeding program in Martina Bustos.  Martina Bustos is the dustiest place I have ever been to.  It was dry season and everything was literally white.  

When we arrived, we were informed that there would be no feeding program because there has not been water in the community FOR ONE WEEK!   Not really knowing what we would do, we unpacked our crayons, coloring books and soccer balls and tried to draw a crowd, but the crowd was really small. As a matter of fact, we had more of an influence with some older guys that game to play soccer than the kids we were planning to love on.

We were scheduled to be back in Martina Bustos after lunch.  The day before we packed 10 bags full of groceries to deliver in that community.  So we loaded up the van and began going to the pre-determined houses.  The people were so thankful, more thankful than I had seen before, but the prayer requests were pretty much the same.  We need jobs, food, and WATER!

After delivering to a few homes, we took a moment and stopped what we were doing to pray that water would be restored to Martina Bustos.  It was a simple prayer, with a simple request, "God send water to Martina Bustos!"

We move on to the next house and guess what...the woman was so happy to receive the food...and to tell us that THE WATER HAD BEGUN TRICKLING!   Seriously?  We just prayed a simple prayer, and now there's water?  

Maybe it was a coincidence.  Or maybe it was the power of God that seven missionaries and two staff memb ers brought with them because they had tapped into the Ultimate Source of power.  I believe the latter.
Darrell in Nicaragua and Honduras
Darrell is well into his "Outreach" phase of Youth With A Mission.  He recently spent two weeks in Nicaragua where he preached his first sermon.  Well, not really, the day before his first scheduled sermon he was at a service and the spirit of God fell and he spontaneously got up and preached!

Currently he is in Tegucigalpa, Honduras ministering with his team. They have been working at a school and helping out with the pioneering of a YWAM base.  They have also been working with the local church with dramas, testimonies, and sermons.  His internet access has been limited, but he is doing great and God is using him!
Praying Pelican Family
We have just recently returned from Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we spent 10 days together with our Pelican family!
Full Time Missionaries enjoying much-anticipated Chipotle

Some of the highlights were: 
-building and deepening relationships with our PPM family
-seeing some family (Guertins, Normans, Decks, and Fords)
-having our children ministered to by the staff of PPM
-spending time with the other Full-Time Missionaries living in the Dominican Republic,  Belize, and soon to be Italy and Jamaica
-live worship sessions in English!
-receiving vision and personal ministry
-hearing how God is using Praying Pelican Missions all over the world

Personal Prayer Requests
We thank you so much for your faithful financial and prayer support!  We need both!   Here are some prayer points to keep on your prayer list:
Reagan wanted surfing lessons for her birthday!

1.  Strength, wisdom, and anointing as Nate leads three trips over the next five weeks. 

2.  Grace and strength for Laura as she will be without Nate for three of the next five weeks.

3.  Wisdom in parenting adopted children.

4.  Local churches and pastors to reach out in greater ways than ever before as short-term teams come in to partner with them.
A Very Candid, Honest Blog
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Wednesdays have become sort of a date-day for Laura and I due to the fact that Isaiah attends school for a full day instead of his usual half-days. Today was no different.  We decided we would find a new beach to visit for the morning while the kids were in school.  I googled "best beaches" [...]...ยป

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman