Yoga Nirvana Studio's (YNS's) Jentlly Lane studio is temporarily closed to the public in compliance with social distancing protocols (See FAQs aboud the recent "Stay at Home" order).

Online classes are the new normal for now... Stay home, stay safe, and stay connected!
Livestream FLOW Classes
Weekly on Tuesday & Thursday
@ 6 PM with Jenna Jensen!

Livestream classes are listed on our schedule page, and class will begin at the usual time (6 PM). Jenna will host you via Zoom (bonus: up to 100 people can join in each class -- assuming the broadband holds!)

IMPORTANT: Signing up for a livestream?
Be sure to read registration confirmation notes!

The Zoom info you need to connect to your class will be sent as email (computer) or text (phone) as part of the registration confirmation from MindBody.

PLEASE LOOK for your confirmation after sign up!
Pre-Recorded Videos
Yoga Classes Now Available 24/7
with YNS instructors!

We are uploading our instructors' classes as video content (prerecorded) to keep you moving as all of us navigate the social distancing guidelines that are keeping the community safer right now.

Classes will continue to be added as they become available!

Thank you for supporting our instructors and the studio with your download! 
PLEASE NOTE: Online content is provided as available. It is produced by YNS instructors. Our onine offerings will continue to evolve, and we appreciate feedback and support that will enable us to continue providing classes you need, want, & enjoy.
Unlimited Studio Pass =
Unlimited Virtual Studio Access!
Yoga Nirvana Unlimited Studio memberships translate to FREE ACCESS (an all-access pass) to our Livestreams and Prerecorded content.

Those of you who are currently in the system, PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL TODAY for info and updates RE Virtual Studio access perks!
We're Learning, and Appreciate Your Feedback!
Dear YNS Community,

We take the health and well-being of our community, customers, and instructors very seriously. Like you, we're closely monitoring the quickly developing effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

This is a particularly trying time for many in our YNS community, and there's never been a better moment to demonstrate the huge impact that patience and kindness can make. We've listed several useful resources (including links to local, state and national resources) on this page: The list is updated frequently, and if there are additional resources you feel would be helpful to the community, PLEASE EMAIL THEM to

Please know that we're here and working to keep the community connected and healthy as all of us navigate this uncharted territory--well outside our usual comfort zones. We are grateful for everyone's patience as Yoga Nirvana Studio and community navigate this situation and the evolving "new normal." It definitely takes a village to shift to online, and we're trying new things and learning as we go. We are grateful for technologies that enable us to be connected, and your feedback, suggestions and continued support - together, we can find the best ways to do good, and do better, every day.

Meanwhile, please send feedback. Can't find what you're looking for yet? Links not working as expected? Having technical difficulties with livestream or downloads? PLEASE CALL (815) 570-9642 or email - we want to keep everyone connected! Stay safe out there and -- hope to "see" you at our (temporarily virtual) studio!

Admins @ Yoga Nirvana Studio (YNS)