No Ohr Chayim or Teen Track in January
We'll see you online for Hebrew then (hopefully) in-person in February!

As we keep an eye on the fluctuating landscape of the pandemic, the BCC community has made the difficult decision to suspend all in-person programming at the synagogue for the month of January in pursuit of the value of pikuach nefesh so we can be sure to keep everyone safe & healthy.

Online Hebrew tutoring will continue as usual throughout the month of January. We are keeping an eye on the case numbers with the hope of reuniting in person in February or as soon as our most at-risk community members could attend safely!

Scroll down for some fun Tu Bish'vat activities for some family learning & celebration until we can reunite in-person.

Save the dates below to your calendar and keep an eye out for updates in this newsletter. Feel free to get in touch with Rae with any questions or concerns:
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Tu BiSh'vat Tree Planting

Ohr Chayim, January 8 + 29
The Tu BiSh'vat tree planting event (originally on January 16) has been postponed until the COVID case rates go down to keep everyone safe & healthy. New date is TBD, but probably sometime in March: we'll invite you as soon as we know the new date!
Spring Ohr Chayim + Teen Track Dates:
February 12, 26
March 12: PurimFEST
March 26
April 9, 30
May 14
June 4: Pride+ShavuotFEST

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Family Fun for Tu BiSh'vat
Tu BiSh'vat, the "birthday of the trees," begins at sundown on Sunday, January 16.
It's the perfect season to take some time to celebrate the gifts trees give us -- and find a way to give back to the trees & the environment!
from PJ Library

Do a yummy & thought-provoking Tu BiSh'vat Seder as a family! You can even find videos to learn the blessings embedded right on the webpage.
from Bible Belt Balabusta

Create this bowl of goodies, all from trees, that's edible inside & out!

Save some trees by recycling some of your own paper at home -- or check out a whole list of other family activities to do at home for Tu BiSh'vat!
from the Religious Action Center (RAC)

Keep up with the latest calls to action for the environment from the RAC -- including several ways you can get involved as a family from home!
We can't wait to see you soon!
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