April showers bring May flowers… as long as you’re taking care of your flower beds properly!

Did you know that your blooms for this year (and even next) highly depend on the health of your garden in these first few weeks of spring? If you missed last month’s landscape checklist, check out our Pro Tips for a Beautiful Spring to get a head start on the season, and make sure you save our April to-do list below.

Besides keeping your landscape maintenance on track, now is the time to bring your outdoor Pinterest dreams to life! Keep scrolling down for some of the latest design trends, and don't wait reach out to the Pros if you need help getting started. From simple patios perfect for weeknight family dinners to full outdoor entertaining spaces with built-in kitchens, firepits, and lighting to take you and your guests from day to night - we are excited to take on the new projects that 2023 brings us!

Last month, we held our all-employee kickoff event, where the Pros gathered together to celebrate a successful 2022 and prep for the upcoming season. After completing important safety training, our crews turned up the heat with some friendly competition! Maintenance vs. Construction was the name of the game, and each division swapped daily tasks to get the job done. To wrap it up, we were honored to hand out our annual awards and prizes.

We’re so thankful for our team who are always willing to learn something new and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! 

Now that your landscape beds have been meticulously designed and installed properly, it’s time to start thinking about the final finishing touch: bark mulch vs. decorative gravel.

While there are pros and cons to each, the final decision is ultimately based on how much time you want to spend each year in installation, maintenance, and watering. As you may know, mulch is a yearly project to keep your beds looking fresh. While it’s more time consuming, mulch is less costly while also keeping your plants well fertilized and watered. 

Decorative gravel (like river rock, slate chips, etc.) is typically a one-time installation, although more expensive. It also produces a drier environment, requiring extra watering throughout the season. On the plus side, it's much less likely to wash out during heavy rains.

Read more about each option to decide which one might be right for your home:

Mulch vs. Decorative Gravel

The Pros have evaluated industry trends, as well as added some predictions of our own. While we love all the styles designed uniquely for our clients, we can't ignore how some have grown in popularity lately. Scroll down to see our 2023 industry trend predictions!

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