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New federal law would ban eating dogs
Why the proposed ban on eating dogs matters to you
The House of Representatives Agriculture Committee added an amendment to the next Farm Bill that would make eating meat from dogs and cats illegal in this country. Here's why all is not as cut-and-dried as it seems behind this issue.
Are you freeing too much nitrogen_
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First, 'carbon footprint;' now, it's 'nitrogen footprint'
We've all heard we need to reduce our "carbon footprint," the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases our activities release. Now, we're similarly being scolded to manage our "nitrogen footprint." What's it mean, and what's it mean to food production?
A new perspective on the loyal shopper
Some new perspective on the loyal shopper
For years, supermarket retailers have chased shopper loyalty by assuming preference for a store is an either/or question. This new study challenges that assumption, and it makes the question of attracting consumers even more complex than ever. Here's why.
What_s ahead for grilling season_
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Grill on! Time for our annual grilling season outlook
The official kickoff to summer grilling approaches. What's hot and what's not for this year's season? Farmer Goes to Market has the numbers.
Not your Ol_ McDonald farm
Nebraska's Perdue family poultry farm exemplifies the new approach to farming as a career these days. When they found available time and resources limited their ability to enter farming along the more traditional track, this young family opted for this non-traditional entry point .  
We feel your weather pain
Trust us... We feel your pain 
Another half foot of snow to greet the beginning of spring in northern Nebraska, and naturally, we all understand why this a.m. TV weatherman could no longer contain the long-winter blues in this hilarious morning meltdown. 
Spring planting season has begun
Kathy_s Commentary
This month's Farmer Goes to Market addresses a variety of issues and concerns. Be sure to read the article regarding our "Nitrogen Footprint." As usual, farmers are taking a lead on reducing nitrogen pollution by using biotechnology and developing ways to naturally supply nitrogen to crops by tapping into atmospheric nitrogen. I am amazed at the constant improvements that are being adopted by farmers and ranchers that protect our food source and our environment. I applaud our agricultural community for their vision and their tenacity in finding and implementing solutions before some of us even know there is a problem that needs solving! 
The legislature adjourned on April 18. Some of the challenges Nebraska faces were resolved, and some were not. Property tax reform was left on the table, along with a bill that would have allowed internet sales to be taxed. Both issues are very important to Nebraska's future. Property owners are paying too much tax, while those who purchase items on the internet don't pay the tax that is owed. I don't understand what is fair about either situation. I'm sure both issues will be back on the table during the 2019 legislative session. This is an election year, and term limits will remove those who have served for eight years, resulting in a 2019 legislative body that very well may have a different philosophy.  Those senators who are term-limited out were a huge part of the leadership. Losing the very people that know how to fix our problems will continue to hurt Nebraska and its citizens every year we retain the current term limits. Term limits continue to have a negative impact due to the loss of institutional knowledge. Property tax reform requires knowledge and experience regarding the path that got us where we are.  Property tax reform will not be easy when the very knowledge base that would provide a path forward is missing. And it will only get worse.  That's not to say that those elected to serve as state senators are not great people with great ideas. What it does mean is that it takes too long for new senators to come up to speed to gain the experience needed to solve complicated issues. Under term limits, senators finally get a good feel in how things work and how to move forward - then they are gone.  Lawmaking is complicated. Issues are complicated. Losing our leadership is frustrating. I would encourage the citizens of Nebraska to think about the damage that would be done to their own business if they fired the CEO every eight years, regardless of the high quality work he or she does.
Spring planting has started and country roads are full of slower moving large vehicles.  Watch closely - and stay safe!

- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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