Quiet Oaks Newsletter August 2021
Finding blessings out of our challenges is what we're about.
The biggest blessing was the overwhelming support from
volunteers, community sponsors and continuous donations.
Quiet Oaks could not fulfill our mission without each and everyone of you!
2021 is our "Better Together" year,
making a difference in our community...TOGETHER!
Par 3 for Charity at Territory Golf Club

Thank you to Dan & Jessica Stang from Territory Golf Club for the amazing event you coordinated to benefit Quiet Oaks! We are so grateful to you and all those who participated and helped to make this event such a success with almost $35K raised! Quiet Oaks is blessed to have been the beneficiary of your first Par 3 for Charity Event! 

Family Fiesta Night

This month we held a "Family Fiesta" for our resident, Ralph, his wife, Barb and their son, Stephen.
This trio enjoyed a delicious meal from La Casita and cherished some quality family time.

Betty's 96th Birthday
Our resident Betty had her 96th Birthday over the weekend! What a celebration!
Happy Birthday Betty!

The Garage Sale was a HUGE Success!!!
The Quiet Oaks Garage Sale raised $3,350 to fund Compassionate Care. Three women helped in creating the success of this event and have worked so hard every year organizing donations and then working for 2 days to get everything sold! What an amazing gesture of generosity and compassion. Thank you Doris, Judy
and Sue for your continued support
of the mission of Quiet Oaks.

Doris Scharmer, LPN
Judy Starr, LPN
Sue Thell, RN

Why do you three continue to give your time to the Quiet Oaks Garage Sale year after year? After giving the Quiet Oaks Garage Sale a few years to be established it is so rewarding. People are generous with donations of nice items and our shoppers are also great givers to the cause. Any funds raised are to help out our residents who need assistance with funds to be at Quiet Oaks. All three of us have a lot of laughs with a lot of hard work, setting up, selling and cleaning up, and continued success keeps us going! Thank you for any and all support for Quiet Oaks.'

~Judy, Sue and Doris
Pictured above, Doris Scharmer
Pictured above, Judy Starr
Pictured above, Sue Thell
Arlen Johnson, Volunteer
(pictured next to stepson's grave site)

Hometown: We lived on a hobby farm near Annandale, MN.

Family: Ruth and I had 6 children. I have 16 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.  I grew up on a farm near Fairmont, MN along with 6 siblings. After military time, I was an elementary principal in Annandale, MN for 25 years.

Hobbies: Wood carving, walking, and connecting with my large family. 

Why I volunteer at Quiet Oaks: My wife, Ruth passed away 13 months ago and my stepson passed away 2.5 months ago. Sadness reminded me I needed a purpose, so I contacted Quiet Oaks Hospice to seek an opportunity to find needed comfort and peace. It worked and I love what I see in the care each resident receives. My wife had Hospice care and I want to give back for the wonderful care Hospice brings.  I feel blessed at Quiet Oaks, even if it just comes from watering thirsty plants and shrubs.      
Although we're limiting people in the house right now, please don't hesitate to fill out a volunteer application. We have begun to resume some limited attendance volunteer orientations and would be happy to get you on board! #BetterTogether
Quiet Oaks Fellowship is for anyone who is grieving and wants to learn more about grief in their own personal journey.
Each of these meetings will feature a guest speaker related to grief and/or loss.
These meetings will be happening via Zoom the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Next meeting date is September 14, 2021 at 7:00pm
via Zoom, click link below to participate
Guy Talk is a fellowship support group for guys. It takes place the 2nd Saturday of each month with food following.

Next scheduled date is:
Saturday, September 11th.

Call if you have any questions, (320)255-5433.

Stronger by Nature:
A Grief Support Opportunity for Young Women
Seeking young women who are grieving the loss of a loved one. This program is limited to 8 young women, ages 13-18, and includes weekly small group meetings, monthly service at Quiet Oaks and quarterly retreats with seasonal rituals of remembrance. 

Please contact AnnElise Bergstrom at aebergstrom27@gmail.com if you would like to know more or if you have a young woman in mind who could benefit from this support. We hope to start as soon as possible.
Quiet Oaks DIRECTOR OF NURSING Job Opportunity
Quiet Oaks seeks a Director of Nursing who is a dynamic, empathic, problem-solver with strong leadership and communication skills who has the ability to empower, influence, and motivate othersFull- or part-time possible based on experience, expertise, skillset, and availability.

Candidates are encouraged to submit application materials to express interest and explore work arrangements.  

For more information contact Linda Allen at (320) 255-5433 x11 or send inquiry to lallen@quietoakshospicehouse.org.
Volunteer Opportunity
We are looking for a volunteer to help us on a consistent basis; between 2 and 4 hours a week. Our nurses are our most valuable asset and we need to make sure we are taking care of them while staying compliant with HR regulations. Duties include benefit communications, fielding benefit questions/concerns, HR policy updates, organizing/attending the Board of Director Benefits Committee team meetings, explaining benefits to new hires, employment law postings, and other related items. A background in HR would be great, but a willingness to learn will be effective too. We have access to an online HR application called HRThink that has an abundance of tools, templates, and information to learn from. Quiet Oaks has established benefits and policies, we just need some help maintaining and to support of house operations. If you're interested, please call Linda Allen at 320-255-5433 x11. Thank you in advance for considering!
Quiet Oaks has their very own tea blend,
custom made by Spice of Life Tea Shop.
Now available at the Spice of Life Tea
shop located downtown St. Cloud.
$25 suggested donation gets you 2 oz. of loose leaf tea in a reusable tin, paired with a Quiet Oaks mug for a cozy,
calming gift for yourself or a loved one. $11 of each transaction supports Quiet Oaks Hospice House Compassionate Care.
Stop into Spice of Life Tea Shop today to get yours.
If your looking for items to purchase for Quiet Oaks, check out the Target Wish List for some household items that Quiet Oaks uses frequently.
Click on Link to purchase products.

Proceeds to benefit
Quiet Oaks Hospice House.
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Q: Which is faster, hot or cold?

A: HOT! You can catch a cold!
Safety for our residents, families, staff and volunteers is our first priority and we just wanted to let everyone know that Quiet Oaks is taking all the recommended CDC precautions to keep everyone safe. We will continue to follow all CDC recommendations and will integrate all measures as needed. Please see below for current COVID visiting hours.
We're now allowing two family members to visit their loved ones at Quiet Oaks between the hours of
10:00am to 12:00pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm. You will be screened at the front door prior to entering the house. Window visiting hours remain the same
time from 10:00am until 6:00pm.
Linda Allen, Executive Director
(320)255-5433, ext 11

Director of Nursing
(320)255-5433, ext 28