Can you imagine a world without flowers, bees and trees?
Photo kindness of Gail Warner-Lidondici,
West Chester Garden Club
An entire generation is growing up without experiencing the wonders of nature.
Many children have never run through a grassy meadow, wandered in a forest of tall trees, or waded into a stream of clear, cool water. They have never witnessed the miracle of a seed sprouting and growing into a plant. They don't understand that their food comes from plants and trees that depend on pollination by insects such as bees, butterflies and beetles.
Who will help them, before it's too late?
Raised on mobile phones and computer screens and locked-down indoors during the pandemic for nearly two years, younger generations need to experience nature in order to appreciate it.

They need to learn how to become stewards of the land, waterways, plants, trees, insects and animals on which their future depends.

An entire generation urgently needs help that GCA garden club members like you and I are uniquely qualified to provide.
Photo kindness of Helen Wagner,
West Chester Garden Club
You and I can offer much-needed help.
As members of GCA garden clubs and The Philadelphia Committee of the GCA (PCGCA,) and through our annual gifts to The Fertilizer Fund we are already...

...planting native perennials and shrubs in public gardens throughout the city, at schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks, amphitheaters, and museums

...cultivating bountiful vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchards in abandoned lots, at schools, urban farms and senior centers throughout Philadelphia

...lining city streets and abandoned railway lines with shade trees and pollinator plants, and

...teaching hundreds of children and adults about conservation and ecology, providing soil and putting tools in their hands so they can dig in the dirt, tend plants, learn about nature and protect our planet for present and future generations.
Photo kindness of Gail Warner-Lidondici,
West Chester Garden Club
One gift at a time, one garden at a time.
Photo kindness of Kate Fahey,
´╗┐Four Counties Garden Club
A gift to The Fertilizer Fund
provides vital resources.
Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more to The Fertilizer Fund pays for plants, trees, seed packets, soil, garden hoses, tools, and educational materials for horticulture, conservation and education initiatives throughout Philadelphia.

When your garden club invites you to support The Fertilizer Fund, please donate. Click the link below or send your check payable to "PCGCA" by US Mail to the address, below.

Your help is needed urgently today...please give generously!