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NEW : Nebo Z 
Bug Bulb

Simply screws into a regular light bulb socket! For use indoors or outdoors, it  provides bright white, ambient lighting to any space with its 600 lumen LED light.  The 4 NUV LEDs emit a  ultraviolet glow, which mosquitoes and other flying insects find very attractive. Great for deer camps and leases too!
2016-17 TPWD Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Skip the lines at the big box stores! 2016-17 TPWD Hunting & Fishing licenses are available at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply beginning Monday, August 15! We'll get you in and out as quickly as possible.
August 2016

August is here. In August, we prepare for 2 big events, Back to School and Hunting Season!  We'll let you shop at other stores in Lindale for all your Back to School needs, but we have you covered for hunting season!! We have many varieties of plot seed, feeders, blinds, deer corn and we also sell hunting & fishing licenses.  2016-17 TPWD Hunting and Fishing Licenses will go on sale on Monday, August 15! 

Reminder, our Summer Savings Punch Card runs  through August 31. Every time you purchase a 50lb. bag of Boyce Hen Scratch, Lone Star Lay Pellets or Lone Star Lay Crumbles, get a punch! 1 punch for each bag purchased. After you buy 10 bags, you get 1 bag FREE!

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Jimmy's Pharm Facts : Jimmy's Pokemon Search
We have had a lot of foot traffic in the store this summer and honestly it has been quite fascinating.  I have heard conflicting opinions on the subject and really I don't know enough to have an opinion one way or the other.  My 70 something year old ears are relaying messages to my brain that can not be translated.  All kidding aside, Pokemon, Peekaboo, Poopachoo, & Macrame mean nothing to me. BUT, I tell you truthfully, a good treasure hunt does!  This Pokeman Go search reminded me about a story my mother use to tell me and so I would like to tell you the story....the story of treasure lost! I am not talking about imaginary made up treasure but real treasure.  A lost treasure, a Lindale legend called "The Litchford Gold" .  So the story goes....Back in the mid 1800's, a settler by the name of Mr. Litchford came to the area from the Kentucky/Tennessee part of the country to establish a home for his fianc√© that he had left behind.  After having his land surveyed and prepared, he was ready  ...

August :: Featured Items of the Week
Every week in August, we highlight one of our favorite products at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Each featured product is something you may need now as we trudge through the dog days of summer and look forward to hunting season, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!  Here are our Featured Items of the Week for August:  August 1 - Fall Wildlife Mix  - This special blend of plot seed in a 50lb. bag, takes the guesswork out of what to plant and how much of the different varieties to add.  Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply is all out making your wildlife experience as fun and enjoyable as possible.  The wildlife and deer   ...

32nd Annual Smith County Hay Show
The 32nd Annual  Smith County Hay Show is Monday, September 26, 2016, 11:30am - 12:30pm in Harvey Hall at the Howdy Neighbor Barbecue at the East Texas State Fairgrounds. Hay yields appear to be good so far and quality seems to be equally good for some for the first cuts of the season.  Consider participating in the hay show auction.  Last year, the hay show raised over $20,000 for scholarships, youth activities, and conservation efforts in Tyler and the east Texas area.  On August 11 and 12, hay samples can be submitted at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply. The hay must be raised in Smith County or by a producer living in Smith County. Entries, at $3 each, consist of one square bale of hay or one feed sack full of hay from a round bale  ...

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