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Anyone would be hard pressed to find another strategic master plan that has been so embraced and efficiently implemented in the history of the City of Miami Beach as 2016's North Beach Master Plan  which identified five “Big Ideas” to revitalize North Beach:
NoBe 5 ideas

This email will update you on the bold progress thus far - I hope you share my enthusiasm for this special part of Miami Beach, NoBe !


Commissioner John Elizabeth Alemán
Make a Town Center
Town Center North Beach
Last Fall, the Commission finalized an overlay ordinance for a new NoBe Town Center , the commercial core of North Beach.

Building on the FAR (density) increase approved by the Voters in 2017, the Town Center Overlay delivers the simple things North Beach neighbors crave for their new Town Center: walkable streets, shady tree canopy, new dining and shopping options, places to get a coffee and commune with each other.

The new development guidelines find the "sweet spot" between building heights and widths that enable:
  • Interior (center of block) freight loading to get loading off the streets and out of sight / out of the way of traffic.
  • Activating every street front on all four sides of each block, so that no street is left behind and no "back of house" conditions are created.
  • Avoiding parking pedestals under buildings so that parking can be separated into complete structures that can be redeveloped or eliminated as parking necessity declines in future decades.
  • Expanding the sidewalks, creating larger pedestrian walkways and sidewalk seating areas.
  • Distribution of building mass to afford more air and light between every building, creating views as residential towers are separated from one another.
In addition, the proposed Town Center Overlay Ordinance also:
  • Creates a new 70th Street as a “pedestrian paseo” that does not currently exist as a 70th Street was never platted.
  • Requires shade canopy twice the installed caliper of anywhere in the City.
  • Streamlines board review.
  • Encourages development sooner rather than later.
  • Requires public benefits dedicated to North Beach.
  • Requires that an annual revitalization status report update be presented to the City Commission, for evaluation as to the efficacy of the development regulations in stimulating economic revitalization of the Town Center.

While the City Commission continues to promote public capital investment into the area, North Beach Revitalization will ultimately be realized as a result of the economic development yielded by exceptional private development projects in the area.  The City Commission created a development envelope that is enticing, and includes public benefits such as wider sidewalks, canopy shade trees, utility undergrounding, and an improved tax base.   

Provide More Mobility Options
Mobility has and will continue to be enhanced through:
  • The free trolley for NoBe, launched in 2014 and connected to the rest of the City in 2016
  • Waterway restoration, funded by the General Obligation Bond
  • Street and sidewalk improvements funded by the General Obligation Bond
  • New in-progress surface parking lot for Biscayne Beach
  • Cleaner streets program
  • The redesigned streetscape for pedestrians and bicyclists
Protect & Enhance Neighborhoods
The City Commission completed a major action on Idea #3 "Protect and Enhance Neighborhoods" by creating local historic and neighborhood conservation districts for the multifamily residential areas.

Preservation of these residential properties will require significant private investment, particularly given two factors: chronic flooding, and the very limited investment most of the affected structures have seen over the previous 40-50 years. 

While this action locks in place the current character and identity of neighborhoods, it also puts the heavy lift for economic development and the business case for historic preservation onto the back of the new Town Center district and beautification of the Ocean Terrace beachfront.  As North Beach becomes overall a more desirable place to live, improving local historic properties will make more financial sense to private property owners.

In addition to the historic protections, the Commission funded parks, lighting and tree canopy thru the GOB,
Better Utilize Public Lands
Activating Art & Culture

Tackling Byron Carlyle Decay

72nd nobe park aquatic
Creating a new Park, Library and Aquatic Center on 72nd and Collins
Creating Recreational Facilities for Residents (including skate park on West Lots)
Funding $5M for West Lots thru GOB
ocean terrace
Revitalizing Ocean Terrace Beachfront

Build to Last
As the Master Plan states " There are many challenges associated with climate change including the loss of natural water systems, increased numbers of invasive and exotic species, and the erosion of land, however, the three main problems to solve (or at least mitigate) at the local level in North Beach are sea level rise, stormwater, and storm surge ."

The City is drafting a Preservation Guide for Historic Properties, and is seeking establish an Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), which would be the most important, strategic and productive step that could ever happen for North Beach: the CRA would allow Miami Beach to hold onto County property tax revenues and REINVEST them into the local area for infrastructure such as roads, aging water and sewer pipes and more. The first step is for the city commission to approve Vice-Mayor Ricky Arriola's Resolution (R7B on agenda for 7/17/19 Commission Meeting) and then it goes to the County for approval. [SHOUT OUT of APPRECIATION to County Commissioner Sally Heyman for her support on this critical effort!]
North Beach Master Plan:
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