Newsletter #39
September 21, 2020

Important Village of Endicott Board Meeting

Meeting ID:  862 7073 3828
Dial-in phone number:  1-929-436-2866
FIRST, the Board will vote on accepting a Report on the “Supermajority Petitions.” This Report will show whether volunteers from NoBurnBroome (NBB) received enough Petition signatures from owners of property within 100 feet of industrial-zoned areas in the village. The Petition opposed the Village of Endicott’s (VOE) new law for Recycling because it allows incineration in recycling processes. That law was voted in on May 7 by Mayor Linda Jackson, and Trustees Cheryl Chapman and Eileen Konecny. The law was opposed by Pat Dorner and Ted Warner.

NBB’s lawyer sent an email to the Village on May 3rd threatening a lawsuit over the Recycling code because of the many irregularities involved (see letter at
SECOND, if the Report shows that there weren’t enough signatures on the “Supermajority Petiton” the May 7 vote becomes valid. (This means that SungEel could get a permit.)
THIRD, the VOE Board will next vote on rescinding the May 7 Recycling law which the Mayor and pro-incineration Trustees agreed do to (because of our lawsuit threat). If they vote to rescind, then the May 7 code becomes invalid and we have a reprieve on SungEel receiving its permit.
Note: Hard copies of both laws (the May 7 Recycling code; and the Vote to rescind it) must be received by Albany at the same time so there is no time for a building permit to be issued between the time the May 7 law became effective (by being stamped by Albany) and when the rescinding law became effective rescinding it.

Only those who requested to speak by noon last Friday will be able to speak at tonight's meeting.

PS: Patrick Dorner and NickBurlingame are both running for Endicott Trustee in the November election. They both oppose the use of incineration or high-temperature processing in recycling in Endicott. We need to get them both elected so that Cheryl Chapman will be removed from office.


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