Newsletter #44
October 4, 2020

All Hands on Deck!
By Ellen Tiberi

If you, other family members, or friends are on Facebook, we could use your help!

Pat Dorner's and Nick Burlingame's visibility on Facebook as Village of Endicott Trustee candidates for election needs to be far more than we are able to do currently with just a few of us. Facebook has become one of the main vehicles in political campaigns and it is imperative that we act NOW as we have only a few weeks left. We are doing Facebook Ads but they are very restrictive. We need to do everything we can to ensure that DORNER & BURLINGAME get elected so that they can overturn the new law that allows polluting companies to waltz into Endicott and fire up their dirty processes and pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink and expose us to potentially catastrophic fires and explosions.

What would I do?
We're looking for volunteers to participate in a few tasks as a part of an overarching strategy to boost the visibility of the Pat Dorner and Nick Burlingame campaigns on Facebook. It is about liking & sharing posts but it's a coordinated effort that we will execute as a group.  We will give you specific instructions on what to do.

How to volunteer:
Respond to Ellen Tiberi <> indicating you want to volunteer. You will then receive an invitation to join the group.

As a volunteer, you will need to:

1. First respond to this email saying you want to help.
2. Accept the FaceBook invitation you will receive to the "Elect Pat and Nickgroup.
3. Follow instructions on specific tasks to do on a given day. You will receive instructions through the Facebook group. All conversations will be conducted in the group.
4. After you accept the invitation, the link to the group will be

Please respond to <> now indicating you want to join, so that we can start executing our strategy!

Overall goals:
We want to make sure that all Endicott residents see who Pat and Nick are, how their professional backgrounds make them very suitable for Trustees, and the ideas and goals they have. BOTTOM LINE is, we need to get both Pat Dorner and Nick Burlingame elected as they are both anti incinerator and their elections will flip the Village of Endicott Board to an anti-incinerator majority so that Endicott's citizens will be protected from polluted air and water!

Ellen Tiberi <>

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Great letter in today's paper
By John Ruspantini, Guest columnist. Press & Sun-Bulletin.
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