Newsletter #34
September 4, 2020

To ask a question at the Village of Endicott meeting
September 9, 6 pm
You need to email
It was due at noon today - ask for leniency!

The board will finally get to vote on 2 things that have been delayed for 10 weeks.

• The vote on approving receipt of the report on the "Supermajority" protest petitions against the new zoning law passed on May 7.

• The Vote on rescinding the May 7 zoning law that would make battery recycling companies a permitted use for Industrial zoned districts.

If you want to speak during the Hearing of Visitors, you must inform the Village by sending an email to

List the topics you want to speak about, eg, SungEel proposal, etc. --You don't need to list your comments or questions, only the topics.

Apologies for the lateness of this notice.


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