Newsletter #42
October 1, 2020

In November Vote
Patrict Dorner & Nicholas Burlingame
for Endicott Trustees

NoBurnBroome members belong to the Republican, Democrat, Green or Independent party. And we all support Pat Dorner and Nick Burlingame for the Endicott Trustee positions. Why? Because they have strongly stated they would stop any incinerating process, like the one to be used by SungEel’s battery-recycling project, from coming into Endicott.
Dorner and Burlingame are our best hope to stop incineration from starting up in Endicott.
Please Support them
By Donating online
Pat Dorner
Nicholas Burlingame
Or by Check:
Friends of Nicholas Burlingame
117 Cornell Avenue
Endicott, NY 13760
Friends of Patrick Dorner
75 Governeurs Lane
Endicott, NY 13760
Please "Like" them on their Facebook
let them know if you want a yard sign

Pat Dorner

Only together can we stop SungEel's
recycle-incineration process
from starting up in Endicott

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