Newsletter #20
July 17, 2020

Deadline: Noon Today for public comments to the Endicott Board of Trustees

Regarding: Public Hearing on “A Local Law Repealing The Local Law Making Recycling Facilities A Permitted Use In Industrialized Zones” July 20, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. 

Why: This is only the second time that the public has the opportunity to express concerns to the Village Trustees on the recycling facility that will use incinertion to process lithium-ion batteries. The Board should know that we support the rescinding/repealing of the zoning amendment that added Recycling Facilities to the zoning code. 

Suggested reasons that people can give for repeal:

1. The zoning amendment was not strong enough and should be completely repealed so that protections can be put in place.
2. We don’t want recycling facilities that will cause harm to the environment and the health of people living in our community.
3. The passage of the zoning amendment was procedurally flawed.

Email your questions and comments to:
Mayor Linda Jackson < >
Village Manager Anthony Bates < >

Or telephone you question to:
Mayor Jackson 607-757-2420 or Anthony Bates 607-757-5337

Background: This is the law that was passed in May that contained no restrictions for using incineration in the SungEel process to recycle Lithium-ion batteries. NoBurnBroome campaigned against its passage, and now the proponents of the law want to rescind it. We are worried as to why they want to do this, as they have not changed their position in wanting SungEel in Endicott.


NOTE: The Village Board is also holding two other Public Hearings on Monday and you can submit questions to them on these topics also:

“A Local Law Governing Membership Of The Zoning Board of Appeals”

“A Local Law Governing The Membership Of The Planning Board”

Meeting ID: 820 8970 7613
Dial-in phone number: 1-929-436-2866

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