Newsletter #23
July 21, 2020

Saturday, July 25, 11:30-1 pm
March Against SungEel's
Battery-Incinerator Project in Endicott

Please invite friends & families to attend

This March is for all those who don't want
a carcinogen emitting facility in Endicott

We need your help

We have a great leaflet leaflet that needs to be put up
on telephone poles, shop windows, etc?
Can you help put them up?
If yes, email Ellen Tiberi for leaflets.
Leafleting the area where you live.
Can you help leaflet?
If yes, email Ellen Tiberi for leaflets.

Would you help as a monitor to remind marchers to social distance & wear their mask?
If yes, email George .

• March Route:   The meet-up will start at 11:30 at Logan Field where participants can select a sign to carry or they can bring their own signs. The rally will proceed singing rallying songs throughout the walk route. The rally route will be on sidewalks from Watson Blvd to Oak Hill Avenue to Clark Street ending at proposed facility at Clark Street and Robble Avenue.

• COVID-19 precautions . All participants in the rally need to wear a mask and practice social-distancing. NoBurnBroome will have rally monitors stationed throughout the route to remind participants when necessary.

Last night's Public Hearing
At least 78 people attended the Zoom meeting. Every commentator the Village Board heard from last night was in favor of repealing the recycling law. Most opposed it because if provided no protections to the community. The Village Board voted 3-2 not to repeal the law based on the fact that the firm they hired to count the "super-petitions" has not submitted their report. These ' super-petitions', in opposition to the facility, were collected by NoBurnBroome from owners of property within 100 feet of Endicott's Industrial Zone. If 20% of these landowners signed the Petition that would trigger special circumstances for the vote on the recycling law: 4 of the 5 Trustees would be needed instead of a simple majority. We still do not know if 20% signed.
Next Monday (July 27) the law will again come up for repeal.


July 20 Press Release from NoBurnBroome:


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