Newsletter #19
July 16, 2020

On Monday we have the opportunity to ask questions of the Endicott Board of Trustees because they are holding this Zoom Public Hearing:

“A Local Law Repealing The Local Law
Making Recycling Facilities A Permitted
Use In Industrialized Zones”
on July 20 at 7:00 p.m. 

But we have to submit our
questions by noon tomorrow!

Background: This is the law that was passed in May that contained no restrictions for using incineration in the SungEel process to recycle Lithium-ion batteries. NoBurnBroome campaigned against its passage, and now the proponents of the law want to rescind it. We are worried as to why they want to do this, as they have not changed their position in wanting SungEel in Endicott.

Email your question(s) by
noon tomorrow (Friday, July 16) to:
Mayor Linda Jackson < >
Village Manager Anthony Bates < >

Or telephone you question to:
Mayor Jackson 607-757-2420 or Anthony Bates 607-757-5337

Sample Questions:

Under the extraordinary circumstances of this siting can you explain why no Environmental Impact Statement was required?

At the May 4th Public Hearing to enact this law, 57 out of the 58 public comments you received were opposed to the law and to this facility. Please explain why the public’s concern meant nothing to the majority of the board.

I want the Village to enact an amendment that will ban the use of incineration, or high temperature, in any process in the Village of Endicott. Will you do this?

I do not want this facility to come to Endicott because of the known human carcinogens that will be released as noted in the NY DEC Air Permit of March 30.

Why is this Board willing to accept the release of these carcinogens into Endicott's environment?

Please enact an amendment to the zoning code that will ban the release of any known carcinogen or endocrine disruptor in the Village of Endicott.

Do Board members know that 2,3,7,8-dioxin, as noted in the Air Permit, is a powerful carcinogen and potent endocrine disruptor?

Do all the board members know what endocrine disruptors are? If not, will they ask the NYS Department of Health to explain to them what they are?
Does the Board know the names and addresses of Endicott residents who have cancer?

What is the fate of the known human carcinogens that will be emitted from this facility?

Why are you repealing this law when the majority of the board voted it in on May 7, 2020?

Why are the Mayor and Deputy Major voting on this as they were asked to resign because of their racial insensitivity?

Why would anyone build a facility like this across the street from where young families live?

Why are you in favor of this facility when hundreds of children will be playing next to this toxic-emitting facility?

What benefits does this project offer to offset the health risks and loss of property values?

Is it true that all the precious metals will go back to South Korea and not stay in the U.S.?

Does the Board feel that the storage facility to house the batteries can withstand a major fire from lithium-ion batteries.

What communication has taken place between the Endicott board and other municipalities in Broome County over the need for emergency services in the event of a catastrophic fire from the lithium-ion batteries?

Why is the majority of the board dismissive of the public’s concerns about SungEel's toxic emissions?

The public was told that the toxic water from the facility will be disposed in Pennsylvania. Will the Endicott Board of Trustees be a good neighbor and inform this PA community that highly hazardous waste will be disposed in their community before any contracts are signed?

SungEel says the facility will open with 20 employees processing 12 tons of batteries a day. They also say that they expect to have 100 employees working in their facility. When that happens, how many tons of batteries will be processed per day?

Please submit your question(s)

NOTE: The Village Board is also holding two other Public Hearings on Monday and you can submit questions to them on these topics also:

“A Local Law Governing Membership Of The Zoning Board of Appeals”

“A Local Law Governing The Membership Of The Planning Board”

Meeting ID: 820 8970 7613
Dial-in phone number: 1-929-436-2866

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